Amazing Race 15: Episode 4

By Daron Aldridge

October 20, 2009

We love ourselves...err, each other very much.

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I'm like Ricky Bobby – Cheyne on his Fast Forward performance

With one very likable team out of the race because of a lost passport, we start this week still a bit bummed but the extreme heat and indoor snow of Dubai should be fun. Let's begin.

With Justin and Zev disqualified, brothers Sam and Dan are in the pole position but they acknowledge that the next time they want to earn the honor of being first place and not get it on a technicality. Hey, fellas, a win is a win.

Those sneaky devils of the Amazing Race throw a bit a curve at the team with the departure clue telling them to fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world's tallest building. While it's not like asking them to solve Pi to 30 places, it's at least more challenging that just giving them the destination city.

Sam and Dan head to the airport with our good friends the Globetrotters, Flight Time and Big Easy, leaving just a few minutes later and trying their luck at booking on the Internet. No such luck for them but Flight does know that their destination city is Dubai in the UAE.

Next, Mr. and Miss America Brian and Ericka depart and go to the airport. Ericka also assures Brian that they need to be heading to Dubai. Brian explains his race strategy as "This is a big game of karma. So we are just being nice to everyone." Let's see how that pans out for him.


Father and son duo of Gary and Matt are next and followed by new couple Meghan and Cheyne.

At the airport, Sam and Dan are the first ones there and actually ask the ticket agent for a ticket to the Persian Gulf. Finally, one of the brothers (I'm honestly not sure which one, so I'll say...Dan), says, "Wait that's not even a country." Really, Dan? You don't say. Once Brian and Ericka arrive, Brian's crusade of karmic goodwill is under way with him telling the brothers that Dubai is where they need to go.

Lance and Keri leave the pit stop and head to use the Internet also. Keri proudly says that "We love each other and nothing is going to change that." Ever the romantic, Lance jokes, "Plus we have a ton of nonrefundable deposits on the wedding and I am not going to miss out on that." They soon learn the Globetrotters' lesson of not being able to book online.

Upon reading the clue about finding the world's tallest building, Mika of Christian country team Mika and Canaan begins to stress about this because she is deathly afraid of heights.

Gamblers Tiffany and Maria are the last team to depart thanks to the misfortune of Zev and Justin. The girls acknowledge that they are extremely lucky but they think they can be contenders. That's strange because I think that in order to be a "contender" you might not want to be the last team to arrive and be spared because its nonelimination or because another team is disqualified. I'm just saying.

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