Amazing Race 15: Episode 4

By Daron Aldridge

October 20, 2009

We love ourselves...err, each other very much.

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All the teams are on the same flight to Dubai, which means we are in store for taxi cab roulette in Dubai and see who gets a cabbie who actually knows his way around the city. One by one the teams arrive at the sign-in sheet for the tower. The first group of four teams that get to go to the top of said world's tallest building at 5:30 a.m. the next morning includes the girls, Brian and Ericka, the brothers and Meghan and Cheyne.

That leaves Canaan and Mika, Lance and Keri, the Globetrotters and Matt and Gary only 15 minutes behind in group two.

At the tower, the clue directs them to a parking garage and to drive themselves to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. But wait, there's more. The only Fast Forward on the race is on this leg and requires the team to go to a car racing track and complete a lap in 45 seconds or less. Meghan and Cheyne not-so-secretively say they are going to try the Fast Forward. Brother Dan then uses some faulty race logic in my mind. He says, "Two teams going to fast forward would be a huge risk." Yes, it is but is also could be a HUGE benefit. These teams are neck and neck and there is nothing that guarantees that just because Meghan and Cheyne said they were going to it that they will get there first. They basically just handed them the free pass this leg.

All of the teams in the second group get to the cars with ease, except Lance and Keri, who go off on their own and get lost in the parking garage. This leg, Lance doesn't seem like the aggressive guy who dismantled a VCR with his bare hands in Vietnam. He actually seems a bit whiny and beat down. Lance and Keri finally get to their car and are very much bringing up the rear.

At the Fast Forward, Cheyne is the one who gets to race the car but for some reason, Meghan also dons a racing suit. This seems wholly unnecessary.


The brothers, the girls and the self-dubbed team Jungle Fever of Brian and Ericka get to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and race off in their 4x4 shuttles.

Aimlessly driving the streets of Dubai, Mika and Canaan openly hope that another team also got lost. Cue the footage of Lance and Keri equally as lost, plus bickering with one another. Good times.

At the desert reserve, it's Roadblock time. They must choose the teammate "who thinks they can beat the desert heat." In the scorching 120+ degree temperatures, that person must search through urns buried in the desert for enough water to turn over to a man and his camel for the next clue.

I hope you are ready for awkward, racially tinged reference of the week. Brian says he is doing the Roadblock because...wait for it...chocolate melts in the sun, so Ericka can't. Finding that reference each week is just as much fun as seeing who gives us the episode title name.

Tiffany and Dan are the Roadblock representatives for their respective teams and all three of them begin wandering the desert with no luck in finding water. Soon, the Globetrotters and Matt and Gary arrive with Big Easy and Matt on Roadblock duty.

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