Take Five

By George Rose

October 14, 2009

We were paranormal before paranormal was cool.

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Welcome to Take Five, your weekly list of five random movie recommendations. Most people don't have time to watch five movies in a week. Most people don't even have five minutes to take a break and relax. Take Five is here to quicken your search for reliable entertainment (or at least movies that I deem entertaining) so you can enjoy what little free time you have. And really, who reading this article doesn't want to spend their free time watching movies? It's not like you're on sports Web site.

Surprisingly, I had some free time this weekend. I wasted it, of course, playing video games and drinking with friends, but that doesn't mean the free time wasn't present. I was also lucky enough to squeeze in a few movies. In my opinion, that all makes for a great weekend. In the opinion of my parents, well, I still don't have a full time job so whatever I did this past weekend was a waste. I'm aware my main concern should be a job search. The reason I'm having so much trouble looking for a job? Nobody that I've spoken to that has a job is happy. My cousins hate their post-graduation jobs and are therefore constantly miserable. My parents never come home thrilled. One college friend has taken to drinking every day after work to cope. He only drinks three of four beers on the weeknights so it's not quite time for an intervention. The point is that nobody is happy with their work situation and that doesn't make me any more motivated than I already am. In my mind, there's only one real way to spend my time: procrastinating and watching movies. Here's what I dug up.


Zombieland (2009)

I meant to make mention of this movie in the last article since I saw it when it came out two weeks ago, but I forgot. Yeah, that happens. I've recently turned off my memory switch because, well, what's the point of remembering that I'm jobless? Things go in one ear and out the other. Ideas come and go without retention in my mind. I've become a certifiable couch potato whose only concern is digesting as much Hollywood provided entertainment as possible. I'm already halfway through season three of Lost! But in the midst of that vegetative state, I broke away from the couch and went to the movies to see Zombieland. What a wonderful use of my time that turned out to be!

Starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, Zombieland is about the survival of four humans during a zombie apocalypse. Sounds familiar, right? What makes this story different from your average Dawn of the Dead or Resident Evil is the comedic angle taken, substituting failed attempts at fear for hilarious zombie battles and unforgettable cameos. After all four characters come together they find themselves on a quest for the rumored salvation land of other survivors, stopping along the way at the home of... a person whose name I will not spoil.

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