Take Five

By George Rose

October 14, 2009

We were paranormal before paranormal was cool.

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Eisenberg's debut shows he has all the talent and attractive awkwardness of Michael Cera, Stone's Superbad costar. Stone has come a long way since then, moving up the ladder first with House Bunny and now this. There doesn't seem to be anything too special about her but I'd be lying if I said I don't love watching her in any of her roles. She's beautiful but has a down to earth vibe that makes me want to be her best friend. I'd kill zombies with her any day. And as for Breslin, well, it's nice to see she's growing up and choosing roles that broaden her fan base. I loved her in Little Miss Sunshine and I loved her in Definitely, Maybe. But seriously, Kitt Kittredge: An American Girl? Zombieland was a good decision for all involved, cast and audience alike.

Fear (1996)

You know who needs a rebound? Reese Witherspoon. Let's take a look at her last few major roles: Monsters vs. Aliens (voice role, doesn't really count), Four Christmases (it took Vince Vaughn and a holiday theme to become a moderate hit), Rendition (don't remember it? Nobody else does either), and Just Like Heaven (box office bomb). This is all she has done with her time since Walk the Line won her an Oscar over four years ago. Four years! Sure, Four Christmases made about $120 million but it sits at 25% on RottenTomatoes and is only 82 minutes long. What about that suggests quality? And here I thought Reese was set for superstardom after her Oscar glory.


Well, before she got the statue and before she was Legally Blonde, Reese was an adorable, baby faced actress who was just too cute to resist. Election was great, Cruel Intentions is still one of my favorite movies, Pleasantville was surprisingly good, and Overnight Delivery is a great reminder of the comedic starting points of both her and Paul Rudd. But when I was cleaning my room this weekend I found my old VHS collection. You know, those old cassettes that look too bulky and outdated to sit next to the DVDs and Blurays on the display shelf. Among those movies I found Fear, one of Reese's earlier movies and one of the few VHS tapes I purchased before realizing DVD was the wave of the future.

Also starring Mark Wahlberg and Alyssa Milano, Fear is about a teenage girl (Witherspoon) who is part of a loving family. What does any girl with a loving family and big cozy house do? She rebels and doesn't listen to her parents. After following her friend to a club one night, she meets a guy (Wahlberg) and begins to fall in love. That is, until the guy turns out to be crazy and obsessed with her. He quickly starts to tear apart her family and ultimately hunts them down in their home with his friends. Is it a top notch quality film? No, but if you're going to watch a cheesy Reese Witherspoon movie, you might as well watch one that wasn't made in an effort to capitalize on her Oscar. She's young, perky, and doesn't look like she has an eating disorder (seriously, her chin never stuck out that much as a fuller figured youngster).. It's one of her few movies that I own and because I just rediscovered it I figured I'd pass it on to you. Enjoy it soon, before she tries her hand at another comeback with the ten films she has in preproduction. With so much on her upcoming slate, will she really have time to turn any of those into top quality product?

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