Take Five

By George Rose

September 9, 2009

Yeah, he's on a slow burn. Beware.

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Watching Wolverine a second time wasn't like watching Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring again. I never read the books, so I hated LotR:FotR the first time. It was long and boring. But the second time my expectations were removed, and I was given a chance to look less at the pictures on the screen and actually pay attention to the words and plot. Now, I can't watch LotR enough! Wolverine wasn't nearly as deep or long as LotR, but on the second viewing I was able to look deeper than some of the shallow, easy shortcomings of the movie and really watch the movie as an objective viewer. The action, while absurd, is summer fun. The plot, which is missing in the second half, is still more prominent than in movies like G.I. Joe. The overall review? Better than the C- I gave it the first time around.


What karma has taught me is that you get what you give. I was not my usual self in Greece and was punished at the end of my trip for acting like a jerk throughout. But, like I have said before, people and movies deserve second chances. Just because the surface gives off one impression and expectations distort the rest doesn't mean that there isn't something of value underneath. Sometimes, though, karma works in reverse. I was punished with my first viewing of Wolverine at the beginning of the summer and here I am watching it again on the last day of the season as I return to the US. It's better than I had remembered it all summer and hopefully the people I hurt in Greece can one day regard me the same way: something that built up for a long time, disappointing when revealed and something that the second chances it needs to prove it's not as bad as you once thought. At least better than a C-, anyway.

Overall rating: C+

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