Monday Morning Quarterback

By BOP Staff

September 8, 2009

We think he would rather have starred in Ow! My Balls!

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It might have been better if this had been a Steve Carell biopic

Kim Hollis: All About Steve debuted in third place with $11.2 million over the three-day portion of the Labor Day holiday weekend despite savage reviews. Is this a good enough result?

Josh Spiegel: It's an OK result. Considering how atrocious the reviews are (apparently, not even Armond White, good for a contrarian view on most days, could recommend this), and how odd the premise seems, I imagine that most of the money thrown towards this movie is based on the goodwill people had for The Proposal and The Hangover. I'm not sure, though, if the date change on All About Steve (which was meant to open pre-Proposal/Hangover) is as wise a move, as people may not be too impressed with what they saw here. Frankly, I was expecting this movie to do a bit worse, so its passing $10 million is just a bit impressive.

Pete Kilmer: Considering what a massive misstep it was for Sandra to do this film I think it's a fine result, where it will very quickly go to DVD and be a decent success.


Sean Collier: Considering what it would've done had there been any serious competition, it's an acceptable performance. My initial reaction was that Cooper and Bullock should've pulled in more after a big hit each, but the film just looks so far inferior to The Hangover (and, frankly, even The Proposal) that fans of those films wouldn't have much of a reason to bother here. It could've been a lot uglier.

Reagen Sulewski: This has sort of been the story of Bullock's career - she's thrown several duds in for every bit of gold, and she's never really been able to sustain a lot of momentum. Audiences want to like her, which is why obvious pieces of crap like this even get this far, but when you're working with nothing, they're going to figure it out no matter how popular the star.

Kim Hollis: I agree that it could (and probably should) have been much, much worse. There was nothing about this movie that looked good, and the only reason it probably finished above $10 million at all is Bullock's presence. On the plus side, reading the reviews of the film has made for some spectacular entertainment.

David Mumpower: I think what we've just seen is how much good will was fostered by The Proposal. This is one of the worst reviewed Labor Day releases of all time, which is like being the nastiest STD in existence. This film is going to be lucky to make $25 million domestically, but there are countless superior films that failed to reach that threshold. This film is a box office win relative to quality, making it a loss for people who want to see good films succeed. Then again, it's Labor Day, so I'm not sure anyone really cares about a third place finisher over the long holiday anyway.

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