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Tranformers 2 Reboots The Summer Box Office

By John Hamann

June 28, 2009

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So where does Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen go from here? World Domination. Despite being only 21% fresh at RottenTomatoes (talk about review-proof - this will be the prime example moving forward), Revenge had a huge weekend here and overseas. It's already earned over $100 million at the foreign box office, and those totals will continue to grow quickly. I predict another $300 million for this entry, since it's been so quick out of the gate.

It's amazing, but the good news didn't end there at the box office. With the huge debut of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, we might think that other films would be affected, the question is to what degree would the impact be seen? Our number two film at the box office is last weekend's winner, The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock. Following a big $33.6 million debut, The Proposal dipped hard this weekend to $18.5 million, as it was ushered out of the big theatres to make room for the Autobots. It also had some competition from My Sister's Keeper, the new weeper. The Proposal dropped 45% and now has a running total of $69.1 million, which is already Bullock's biggest domestic gross since Two Weeks Notice in 2002.

Third spot goes to The Hangover, which sees its biggest drop of its run so far. The breakout comedy earned another $17.2 million and was off 36% compared to its previous weekend. The Hangover was still having extremely strong weekday business until Transformers showed up, and now has an excellent domestic total of $183.2 million. The Hangover is still on track to approach $250 million domestic, against a budget of only $35 million.


Up lands in fourth place. The very successful Pixar flick also had a tough weekend as it dropped 44% from last weekend's $23.5 million to this weekend's $13 milllion. Up is still chasing Finding Nemo. The Father's Day fish movie earned $14 million in its fifth weekend, and had reached $254 million. The total for Up sits at $250.2 million, so Nemo is pulling ahead somewhat, and should take the outright lead when Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs opens in 3-D.

The aforementioned My Sister's Keeper winds up in fifth. The Cameron Diaz chick flick (I love how the marketing calls it a "feel-good weeper") earned a respectable $12 million, and obviously played as effective counter-programming. This is a solid opening for Diaz in a dramatic role; In Her Shoes opened to $10 million in October 2005. My Sister's Keeper debuts in the same ballpark as The Notebook, which opened to $13.5 million over the same weekend in 2004. That Kleenex seller (which this male really liked) finished with $81 million, which shows the power of a weepy film.

Year One pays the big price for the debut of Transformers 2, as its target audience abandoned this comedy in droves. Year One, after a solid debut last weekend at $19.6 million, tanks this weekend with a gross of only $5.8 million, giving it a HUGE drop of 70%. That's a painful plunge for a comedy, and Year One now has a running total of $32.3 million.

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