Take Five

By George Rose

June 16, 2009

The only thing better than a catfight is a catfight complete with 80s hair!

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It's the same old song and dance this week. No time for the beach, no time to watch all the great movies out there and not time to take a five minute break for myself. My brother's big fat Greek wedding (no joke, two Greek families are about to collide) is this upcoming Saturday, June 20th and my family has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off. From tux fittings, to some family visitors arriving A WEEK EARLY, to finally getting my hair cut, to working 13 hours at the restaurant so I can leave with only $20 in my pocket, to blah blah blah blah blah. The weeks are never gentle or forgiving, and are always filled with obligations and "last minute favors". There is always something to do. Two weeks ago I was so busy that I relegated the five films selected to what I discovered on our newly installed Verizon Fios cable TV. Last week I tried making up for it by using my day off to write more than you all cared to read. This week, it's another wham-bam quickie.

Today I had a three hour break between shifts so I went to the mall to get my hair cut. They didn't have any immediate openings but they said there was one available in an hour. It wasn't worth going home for that hour so I figured I'd go to the only place I love as much as the movie theater... Best Buy. I still had a $50 Visa Gift Card that was given to me a few weeks back at my graduation party and decided to finally spend it. First stop, the Blu-Ray DVD section. I wanted to make the most of this $50 gift card since the restaurant I work at pays me pennies, and was determined to avoid purchasing anything new and buy only what was on sale. Did you know you can get some awesome Blu-Ray DVDs for just $10-15? Now is the time to start building your high definition collection if you haven't begun already. Standard definition is so last season. Here is what I purchased:

The Untouchables (1987)

I only learned of this movie about a month ago. See, the thing is I'm not really into mob-movies. I understand their appeal but for some reason am just incapable of enjoying them. I wasn't even a huge fan of The Godfather. I know it's a "classic" but I still just can't for the life of me seem to remove my prejudice of all things mobster. That was until I saw The Untouchables. Maybe it was because I was partying with friends and we were all a bit intoxicated but I agreed to watch the movie and enjoyed it nonetheless.


It's a fictionalized tale of a federal agent (Kevin Costner) who is set on bringing down the legendary Al Capone. He and his group of Untouchable misfits (including Charles Martin Smith, Andy Garcia and Sean Connery) quickly learn that Capone is legend for a reason and begin dying off while attempting to have the mob boss convicted of tax evasion. Funny how mobsters always have the time to slay the innocent but never can spare the time necessary to do proper accounting, right? While the plot isn't one that would normally draw me in, the acting and one-liners are incredible. Sean Connery won a supporting Academy Award for his role as Malone but will be remembered by my friends and I for his epic delivery of "you're muckin' with a G here pal!" It may not make sense now but you will feel the weight of that line as soon as you hear it.

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