Survivor: Tocantins Recap

The Martyr Approach

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 14, 2009 Coach.

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As a result, he doesn't back down from his earlier plan and he sends Coach to Exile Island. Coach informs the group that he will take the monastic approach, meaning he will not build a fire, will not eat, and that he will spend his time meditating. Erinn points out that what this really means is that he is taking the martyr approach, thereby diminishing other people's experiences on Exile and giving himself an excuse if he performs poorly at the Immunity Challenge. Coach admits that his body is failing him in a number of ways, but says he'll continue to give it his all. It's important to note that Erinn's caustic remarks toward Coach don't sit well with the rest of the tribe. JT thinks it was in poor taste for her to taunt him, but it seems doubtful that his plans are in any way affected. He elects, naturally, to take Stephen with him for the Reward Challenge. The Bromance continues!

With regards to how the competition stands between Stephen and JT for the final vote (we're just presuming they're the winners at this point), we think that JT's decision to send Coach to Exile Island means that Coach will behave like the child he is and vote for Stephen instead. We'll try to keep a running evaluation going of how the vote should split between the two power players until one of them is eliminated or wins.

Survivor shows us some conversation between Erinn and Taj and a bit of Coach's rumination over his time at Exile Island, but it's all very predictable and dull. Let's go instead to JT and Stephen, who take a private plane to a resort that looks absolutely lovely. The two luxuriate in a shower (separately, though there is some nice porn-style music to accompany the segment) and then have a big barbecue dinner. As Stephen explains it, the whole thing is a "meat festival". After the funky music, that's a pretty funny way to describe it. JT and Stephen do discuss some strategy, which centers around Erinn, who we know aggravated them with her "martyr" comment. We're pretty sure this is just editing to make people think that Coach still has a fighting chance.

"This guy is such a drama queen! He's so dramatic. Any 37-year-old man who thinks he's a dragon slayer belongs in a mental institution." --Taj, in regards to guess who


Probst reappears for the Immunity Challenge. Today's event has the contestants balancing on very small footholds and arm holds. It's all about who has the best balance and most determination. And naturally, we're set up for a JT/Coach showdown, which is particularly noteworthy since Coach hobbled to camp. In the end, Taj utilizes a bit of psychology to get into Coach's head, telling him to be careful and not hurt his back. He immediately starts to struggle and then he falls down from the balance area, giving JT immunity. He curls up in the fetal position, either in genuine pain or to elicit some sympathy. Some tribemates feel sorry for him, but others remain suspicious.

Of course, this means that it's time to play It's Anyone But Coach. JT and Stephen do tell Coach that they thought Erinn's comments at the Reward Challenge were uncalled for and unnecessary. It seems that JT is pissed enough that he's going to vote for Erinn. Stephen isn't totally certain whether he'll team with Taj and Erinn to vote Coach or with JT and Coach to vote Erinn, but we'll still lay odds that the plan already in place to send Coach home will be held up. JT and Stephen haven't gotten as far as they have by using bad strategy, after all.

Tribal Council is about what you'd expect, and there's not much need to go into it. Coach says a bunch of weird stuff, but only gets weirder as Jeff prepares the tribe for the vote. Coach announces that he has written A Poem, which he proceeds to recite for everyone. No, we are not going to transcribe it. Probst cannot think of a better way to go into the vote, which means that he can't think of a better way for Coach to be sent off, because he's about to be eliminated. As we have surmised would happen, Coach was voted out, and presumably sent to Arkham Asylum.

One interesting note: JT does in fact vote for Erinn, which should mean that he has moved back ahead in Coach's esteem with regard to jury vote. In his final comments, Coach correctly deduces that "evil wizard" Stephen was the one who cast the vote against him.

The preview for Sunday does indicate that we will have a Final Two rather than a Final Three. Will the girls be able to come between the Bromance Alliance? We're betting not.

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