Survivor: Tocantins Recap

The Martyr Approach

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

May 14, 2009 Coach.

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The show begins with the tribe arriving back at camp after Tribal Council, and Coach continues to prove to be one of the most deluded contestants ever to play the game. JT and Stephen inform him that Deb was the one gunning for him at Tribal Council and tell him she was the only person to write his name down. He is floored by this revelation, and a little bit touched. When he saw his name come up during Jeff's tally, Coach was convinced that he was leaving, mainly because he is the only worthy contestant remaining. He is pleased that JT and Stephen are playing the game with truth and honor. Honestly, the only reason he's still around is because he's the kind of person you don't mind propping up to the end. Also, he has no concept of how to play the game, really. It's a miracle he's lasted this long.

On another note, the move to eliminate Deb was probably a masterstroke by JT and Stephen. Not only do we already know that Deb respects what they did because she was playing the game hard herself, they now have Coach's vote secured because he feels indebted to them for keeping them around. Frankly, Stephen and JT have played this thing about as well as a two person alliance can. If they don't get cocky, they should really be able to run the table.


A brief discussion ensues about who will go to Exile Island next. Coach strongly suggests that he believes that one of the girls should go. Coach makes it very evident that he is scared to go to Exile Island, which is pretty funny considering what a great adventurer he is. He tells JT and Stephen that he worries his asthma and back problems will flare up at Exile. This only makes JT and Stephen all the more eager to send Coach to spend a few days by himself. They reason that they want him to become exhausted at Exile Island, which means he won't be able to win the Immunity Challenge. This is especially important since they intend to send him home at the next Tribal Council.

And with that, we have a Probst sighting! Today's Reward Challenge has contestants going through a maze while shackled at the ankles. Once through, they have to build a pole, which will then allow them to pull some sandbags toward them. They will aim these sandbags at a target and raise their flag. Honestly, there's not much to say about the challenge. JT is the domination. Coach tries to follow him and get caught up at the end, but JT is in great physical and mental shape. A lot of people really think Stephen is in control here, but we still maintain that JT sees the entire board of the game as it is happening. He has an uncanny understanding of what people are thinking at the time they are thinking it.

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