Survivor: Tocantins

By Jim Van Nest

May 8, 2009

I'll betray anyone! Just don't pick me! C'mon, you can trust me.

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Survivor fans, watch for our quiz, How Well Do You Know: Survivor: Tocantins, to be published the morning after the series finale!

Hello, good people, and welcome back to the BOP Survivor: Tocantins recap. Your normal hosts for Survivor action, David and Kim, are off tonight and they've dragged me out of retirement to handle tonight's Survivor episode.

Previously on Survivor, the people that I like on the show are being exterminated one at a time. I was a huge Brendan fan...gone. I thought Tyson was absolutely hilarious and had the makings of one of the great Survivor players...gone. Sierra was, pound for pound, one of the fiercest competitors ever to grace Survivor Island, but after 30 days of bucking the odds, last week Sierra finally got her ticket punched.

So, by my count we're left with Stephen, the brains of the outfit; JT, who's playing the good ole boy shtick to perfection; Taj, my favorite R&B singing NFLer's wife; Erinn, who is now considered "most likely to be the finalist that has to answer the annual riding coattails questions"; Debbie, the middle school principal who is teaching her students all new kinds of lessons in lying and deceit; and Coach. Ah yes, Coach. I've gone back and forth on Coach for the bulk of this season. I've got it narrowed down to one of two things. He's either the biggest lying, scam artist, jagoff in the history of the show OR he's certifiably psychotic and actually believes the bullshit he spews on a weekly basis. The more time goes by, the more I think it's the latter.

That being said, Coach is the least of the worries of the power players this season. He's nothing, if not predictable. At this point, Stephen and JT have to be looking at Debbie as a huge threat and then at each other. But in all the seasons of Survivor, this may be the sole two-man alliance that actually stands the test of the game and runs the table. Of course, before that can happen, we have to get to tonight's episode. So, without further ado...


We join the Survivors after the Sierra vote and Coach is spewing a diatribe about Taj and Erinn being cowards for voting for Debbie and Stephen respectively. He goes into a speech about how people are not even half as honest as he is and he can't stand it. As he drones on and on, even Debbie has had enough of him. She tries to get him to stop and finally just gets up and heads back to the fire. As Coach laments the cowards in his midst, we go to the opening credits.

As the sun comes up, we join Taj making the daily fire in HER LAP of all places. Kids, don't try this at home. Your best bet is to keep the fire on the ground. As she plays Russian Flamette, Debbie tells us how she thinks it's time to get rid of Coach. She hits Taj and JT about getting rid of Coach as he's gone in a direction she was not ready for. As she goes on and on to JT, JT is telling us how he thinks Debbie is playing a very strategic game and she seems to have her game face on now. Stephen is also a little weary of Debbie and as he and JT discuss it, Debbie steps up to let them know that she considers her alliance with Stephen and JT...not Coach. As Stephen speaks of his concerns about Debbie, it's time for a...

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