Survivor: Tocantins

By Jim Van Nest

May 8, 2009

I'll betray anyone! Just don't pick me! C'mon, you can trust me.

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HILARIOUS!!!! Brendan, Tyson and Sierra all come into the jury box wearing feathers in their hair and carrying a jacket over their shoulder. And of course, you can see Coach swell up with pride. The dude is honestly delusional. I have to admit, I'm starting to feel bad for him now. I really don't think he realizes that these folks think he's a joke. As we get into the Tribal questions, there's more talk about Coach wanting to take the best players to the end. Coach talks about how great Stephen has been playing and that Debbie is playing the game with integrity, just like him. He says he paired up with Debbie on Day Three and he trusts her completely. As talk turns to Coach being a warrior, Jeff suggests that some chief in some tribe must have called him that. That provides a quick laugh for everyone and then it's back to blowing smoke. He talks about how great a person Taj is and how she deserves to be there. Of course, he's planning to vote for her. Next up is JT and why should Coach go to the end. JT and Debbie lay it on pretty thick about how honest Coach has been and how that could be his weakness. Everyone in the room knows he's not honest and everyone in the room knows that Coach is the butt of the joke tonight. Well, everyone but Coach that is. And with that, it's time to vote.


The first vote is Coach voting for Taj. He actually has something nice to say as he says that she is a beautiful soul. The next vote we see is Debbie voting for Coach saying that she hopes he forgives her. And I'll go tally the votes. First vote is Coach's vote for Taj. Second vote is Debbie's vote for Coach. And the last four votes all go to Debbie. I'll admit that as much as I wanted to be the one to write that Coach was voted off...Debbie was the smart play here. She WAY overplayed her hand today and she made everyone around her nervous. You can't have someone playing the game that hard out there as she was a wild card. Her next target likely would have been JT.

Next time on Survivor: Erinn seems to be falling out of favor with the Jalapaos. And Coach is quoting Pat Benatar. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what the hell that has to do with anything.

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