Take Five

By George Rose

April 28, 2009

Oh my God, they killed everyone but Kenny!

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Something wicked this way comes and, no, it's not Voldemort. I've always been under the impression that if things are too good to be true, then something terrible is right around the corner. What goodness am I referring to? This week: the weather has been wonderful, I finished the last college finals I'll ever have to take, I graduate Northeastern University in a few short days and the Red Sox made sissies out of the Yankees and their front-runner fans. The Sox won the 2004 World Series after I came to Boston for college (or so I like to think) and now they are waving me a proud, victorious goodbye as I head back to New Jersey. Goodbye, Boston. Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Naturally, since these last seven days have been rather pleasant, I'm now living in a bomb shelter waiting for the sky to fall or for Bruce Willis to come riding into Earth on an asteroid. Since I finished all my work for the week and don't move back home until after graduation this weekend, I've had plenty of time to take those much needed five-minute breaks I'm always ranting about and watch some movies! Well, that's not true. It's Senior Week (the college kind, not the over-65-years-old discount kind), so I've mostly partaken in bar crawls, late night adventures, final reunions with friends and binging on all my favorite Boston restaurants. It's pretty sad leaving the home I've built these last five years, actually. While I don't have much time right now, I fully expect my first week back in NJ to be spent in bed crying and actually watching movies, though they'll probably be the kind that perpetuate MORE tears (here I come, Notting Hill). I might not have much time this week but just in case you do, here are a few movies that might make this already wonderful week a little better.


Garden State (2004)

Can you tell why I picked this movie? It might have something to do with me moving back to New Jersey after graduation. As many of you should know, NJ is the – wait for it – GARDEN STATE! Only the Garden State I'm referring to has nothing to do with tomatoes. The one I'm talking about – the film – was written by, directed by and stars Zac Braff, in his directorial debut. The film came on the heels of the huge success of his NBC television comedy Scrubs. I was once a die-hard Scrubs fan (when it was on NBC, not now that it's on ABC), but as soon as Garden State came out, I quickly realized I was actually a Zac Braff fan.

Garden State is about a young man named Andrew (Braff) who returns home to New Jersey to attend his mother's funeral. She died many years after the young boy version of Andrew accidentally handicapped her, which eventually led to being placed on psychiatric medication throughout his entire youth. Upon his return to the Garden State, he must deal with the blame he faces as the one who harmed his mother and the childhood his father put him through as a result. It's all very heartbreaking, which you might not expect from the otherwise hilarious comic.

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