Take Five

By George Rose

April 28, 2009

Oh my God, they killed everyone but Kenny!

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While the film is decidedly deeper in tone than Scrubs, Braff isn't one to skimp on lighthearted undertones. Enter Natalie Portman! Natalie's Sam is the quirky, care-free counterpart that Andrew has been looking for, despite his initial hesitation. After going through several small adventures, the pair realize their old ways only work well when together and that despite the hardships of life, the little moments are always there to help you rebound. With my own return to Jersey just days away, I knew I would need the reminder there will always be little moments – and films – to carry me through the rough transitions. Garden State is the burst of reality that I was looking for.

Waiting... (2005)

Speaking of reality, guess who is going to be working as a waiter for the summer so he can spend time writing and going to the beach? THIS GUY! I'm due for some much needed time off after five straight summer-break-less years at Northeastern University. I've only waited tables once before, for six months, but Waiting... was a close enough depiction that I often refer to it as my own previous experience.

Waiting... stars Justin Long, Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris as servers working at your nearest generic chain restaurant, Schenaniganz. Dean (Long) is the most educated of the staff and is offered the assistant manager position. The film doesn't try to dive too deep into the psyche of the server but does show many of the on-goings of the chain restaurant business, many of which are more realistic than you'd expect. The servers play pranks on one another, they all hook up and, yes, food is often dropped and put back on the plate. I could NEVER fathom doing such things myself (wink wink) but I have seen them happen time and time again.


Reynolds and Faris are two of Dean's friends and co-workers, but most importantly are two of the key comedic forces of the film. Reynolds has shown the capacity to do both comedy and action (remindeX-Men Origins: Wolverine" comes out Friday, starring Reynolds. SUPPORT THIS FILM!), and he nails the timing in Waiting... He is perverse, crude and shocking; everything Long's every-man isn't. However, everyone is party animal, and after long days of annoying customers (that's right guys, customers don't get to be jerks just because they're paying for the food) the gang is ready to get down and dirty at the expected after party. With a summer of serving ahead of me, I can only hope the debauchery in this film and my past experience repeats itself again.

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