Survivor: Tocantins

It's Funny When People Cry

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 23, 2009

Celebrate good times, come on!

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In the pouring rain, the game is fairly competitive. Sierra celebrates when she knocks Tyson's final puck out of the way and positions herself closest to the goal, but then Debbie follows up by hitting Sierra's puck and winning the challenge. So at this point, the show has worked hard to make us believe that Sierra is out, and with Tyson, Coach and Debbie having tonight's Idol in their hands, it's looking pretty grim for her, which means...

It's time to play It's Anyone But Sierra.

Sometimes the producers of the show have a wicked sense of humor. They give us hope that the game might go a different way than expected when they show Tyson saying, "There's nothing awesomer than seeing somebody celebrate before the game is over."

And lo and behold, we cut to Stephen discussing the possibility of voting out Tyson. He notes that Tyson has been a strong physical threat in Immunity Challenges and that this might be their only opportunity to get rid of him. Erinn seems to be up for the swerve, as does Taj. When Stephen broaches the subject with JT, the cattle rancher agrees that it could be a solid play, but he really dislikes Sierra. We'd love to believe that a blindside is a real possibility, but we've been fooled by Survivor before. Still, we're praying to the Gods of Survivor to get Tyson the hell off the island.


At Tribal Council, the biggest news is how determined Tyson is to antagonize Brendan and Sierra, the two people he believes are the first two jury members. Since it also seems important to him to win Survivor, we're really not sure what his motivation is. He's definitely not someone who's going into the end zone like he's been there before. And it certainly smacks of "celebrating before the game is over."

Further discussion has Coach go into a bunch of hoo-ha about how he wants to go to battle with the most honorable and worthy people. When Jeff asks him why he eliminated Brendan, he...doesn't have a good explanation, other than going back to that dragon/dragon slayer crap. When he struts (really) over to the voting area and writes Sierra's name down, he says that at the last Tribal Council, he slew the dragon. This time, he's taking out the dragon's bride and getting rid of the princess. We think he's obsessing over Super Mario Bros, but doesn't understand the logistics of the game. Is he pro-Bowser or anti-Bowser?

When Probst tallies the votes, something awesome happens. Sierra gets a few votes, sure, but you know who gets more? Tyson. And no one is more surprised than Sierra. Okay, maybe Tyson, Coach and Debbie are just as surprised, but we really never believed in the notion that Tyson could be the one voted out. We wonder what the conversations over at loser island between Tyson and Brendan will be like. Heh heh.

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