Survivor: Tocantins

It's Funny When People Cry

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 23, 2009

Celebrate good times, come on!

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It's time for Probst: The Probstening! The Reward Challenge splits the tribe into two teams of four. Each team must retrieve four boards with holes in them and then place them in the spot that matches up to the pattern at the bottom. Once all four boards are in their proper spots, then each team must flip them around until they can look through the holes and observe some vowels. These vowels will combine with a bunch of consonants (already revealed) to form a phrase. First team to solve the puzzle wins a feast.

Frankly, it's not even close. The team of JT, Tyson, Debbie and Erinn destroys the other group, and they select Stephen to go to Exile Island (JT reasons that his friend can find the Immunity Idol left behind by Brendan). We love Probst a little bit more when he gleefully rubs a little salt in Coach's wound over missing out on the past couple of awards. Coach looks like he's eating glass, and doesn't even have the acuity to claim that he'd already done it all before.

The team that won reward gets to eat A LOT of food. Seriously, they gorge themselves. And that would be fine if a bunch of Brazilians didn't ask them to participate in a martial arts dance afterwards. Erinn in particular has some issues, and she gets pretty queasy. She literally loses her lunch. She should probably be very, very careful, as we know that vomiting is a key fatal flaw in Survivor. When you throw up, your chances of getting voted off the island increase exponentially. She still has it better than Stephen over at Exile Island, who quickly realizes that Brendan's Immunity Idol has not been re-hidden.


We return to Sierra as she tries to work her way back into the good graces of some tribemates. It's a hail mary pass to be sure, but she's got to try. She talks to Debbie a bit, but quickly realizes that the school principal is not going to be swayed from her alliance with Coach and Tyson. She'll stick with them to the bitter end, most likely. Okay, so that's Tyson, Coach, Debbie and JT who have all said they're voting for Sierra. That's half of the votes already. And honestly, though we think she's been a gamer so far, Sierra gets pretty whiny at this point. We appreciate that she's still playing the game, but in a conversation with Coach, she just seems pathetic more than anything.

Probst returns! The Immunity Challenge is essentially shuffleboard, which is only slight awesome than a curling contest would be. But wait! There's a twist. Anyone who feels comfortable about their position in the game can choose to eat pizza instead of competing. The ones who choose pizza are Stephen, Coach and JT. Uh, Coach, this is not what men do. Especially not honorable men.

Tyson agrees with us, but he does it in the bitchiest way possible. Waaaaaaaaaah! Coach didn't participate in the challenge! Waaaaaaah! I didn't get pizza! Waaaaaaaah! I should be eating pizza! Waaaaaaaah! Why didn't you people bow down before my greatness and give me your pizza! Etc.

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