The Amazing Race Recap

She's a Little Scared of Stick, but I Think She'll Be OK!

By David Mumpower

March 16, 2009

This one doesn't need a comment.

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This leg has been unusual in that there hasn't been a lot of opportunity for teams to catch up from significant disadvantages. Simply by choosing the brides option, teams have automatically placed themselves in jeopardy with little chance to catch up. A 1.4 mile run is the second half of the competition. The most a team could make up is a few minutes. Out of the frontrunners, Luke, Tammy and Cara do the jogging. Tammy passes Cara, who starts walking. The cheerleader is more concerned about how many hoots and hollers she gets (she actually says this), and is depressed right up until a man comes up and hits on her, at this point giving her impossibly low self-esteem a temporary boost. Of course, that's not even the weirdest concern out of the remaining contestants. Mark the stuntman is focused upon the length of his beard "I'm a Cossack now!" than he is on finishing the leg. This is not the most driven group of contestants the show has had.

Among the two bride drivers (from the Tiger Woods collection), Kisha and Jen sneak ahead of their competitors, who have gotten their own "God, they're hopeless" medley along the way. The top two teams from last week are back to reality this leg and it's readily apparent one of them is going to wind up losing. While they're struggling, the Margie and Luke win the leg, their second victory of the season thus far. Tammy and Victor finish second followed by the cheerleaders in third, Mel and Mike in fourth and the stuntmen in fifth. Reversing the first two teams, this is roughly the way I would rank them thus far in the competition. I'm actually quite disappointed in the stuntmen thus far. They don't seem to be playing to win, as it were. Meanwhile, I'm expecting the cheerleaders to turn heel on Margie and Luke in a few episodes leading up to a tag team main event bout against them at Wrestlemania 25.


Kisha and Jen arrive at the striptease first, which is horrible news for Christie and Jodi. There is no way either of these women is going to win a foot race against a college athlete. Both teams experience underwear issues, too. Jen has to borrow someone else's underwear since she doesn't wear any (how YOU doin'?) while Christie is thronged and strong and dying to get the friction on. Cara must have been driven crazy with jealousy while watching the episode because Jen and Jodi both got a LOT more car honks for their attire than the cheerleader had. She managed only one creepy only guy who was probably coming straight out of an adult bookstore when he started hitting on her. Meanwhile, Cara got her butt grabbed earlier in the leg and almost started several traffic accidents while she was out thong-jogging. I can't really blame the catcallers either. I have to say that I like Jodi better as a person now that I've seen her jogging in her underwear.

Unsurprisingly, Jen is the first one to the finish line, rocking a stranger's underwear in style. Hey, I've been there. But I digress. The point is that the sisters survive the leg by finishing in second to last place and probably by quite a bit. I get the feeling that the editing was misleading here. Jodi seemed to be running as if she knew there was no cause for haste. She even puts on some leggings to keep her feet warmer. Of course, none of this matters when Phil offers the swerve I was expecting the entire leg. Even though the flight attendants are finally the last team to arrive after being oh so close several times before, this is a non-elimination leg. They will have to perform an additional challenge during the next leg, but no one gets eliminated from the competition this week. But CBS does get panty-induced ratings. That's all that matters here.

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