Amazing Race Recap

It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots

By Kim Hollis

March 9, 2009

We were eliminated? But we were younger, faster and more competitive!

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We go back to visit Kisha and Christie, and Kisha remarks that she knew some bits of Russian words, like "Chek and "khov", so she was able to manipulate her letters until she formed the correct name. She and Jen will go to the Theater of Musical comedy, which is home to the Pit Stop. Somehow, Christie figures out the playwright's name, and they're closely behind the first place team.

Mel & Mike and Mark & Michael agree to work together to find the house where the shutters belong. When Amanda & Kris arrive at the "construct" challenge, all three teams seem to have an unspoken alliance that they'll get through this portion of the leg as a group.

On the way to the Pit Stop, Kisha & Jen get a little lost, which opens the door for Christie & Jodi. And it's enough to give the flight attendants a first place finish, which surprises the heck out of them - and America. Actually, they ran an incredibly smart leg from beginning to end, keeping their composure and always seeming to plan ahead. Who knew they had it in them? Their reward is a pair of motorcycles, which I'm guessing they'll put on eBay. This, of course, means that Kisha & Jen are in right after them in second place, which means they'll be in a virtual tie as the next leg begins.

Over at the bobsled portion of the race, Victor & Tammy have done such solid work that they're now up to third place. Victor does the Roadblock, and of course he instantly knows who Chekhov is. He wonders aloud, "Who doesn't know who Chekhov is?"


The answer to that question is: everyone else. Luke arrives shortly after and has all of his letters, but he has never had any Russian classes, or literature courses for that matter. "Why can't it be in English," he signs. Margie worries that he might become overly frustrated. And he does in fact seem to want to give up. He throws his letters on the ground.

Mel & Mike and Mark & Michael have completed their shutters, and are off to find the house where they belong. Amanda & Kris decide to take their unfinished work out in hopes of finding the right location. Of course, these houses are literally right behind them. I'm not even sure how they're missing them.

Jaime & Cara have finished their stack of wood and are making their way to the bobsled challenge. The good news for Luke is that if one of them arrives quickly enough, they might be able to pay back Margie & Luke for their kindness in U-Turning Amanda & Kris. And what is becoming pretty clear at this point is that Amanda & Kris are in a lot of trouble. I speculated that this leg wouldn't be close, and it won't, but it is playing out a lot differently than I had anticipated.

It's good news for Luke, though, as by writing out the name on paper, he figures it out finally. He's upset, but Margie comforts him and tells him she is confident their position is solid.

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