Amazing Race Recap

It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots

By Kim Hollis

March 9, 2009

We were eliminated? But we were younger, faster and more competitive!

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Kisha performs the task for her team, and though she seems to have fun and gets her task accomplished in under four minutes, she only sees six letters. This means she has to go back to the beginning and start over. Christie gets all seven letters and arrives in exactly four minutes, so the good work the flight attendants have done so far does in fact seem to be paying off.

Back at the stacking challenge, Jaime & Cara soon come to realize that maybe Mel & Mike weren't the team to beat, after all. In fact, they note that the father/son duo is a pair of "freaking lumberjacks", and the cheerleaders start to fret about their position in the race (and rightfully so). Victor & Tammy continue sniping at each other, while Jaime & Cara note that Amanda does nothing as Kris builds their entire pile. This isn't exactly correct. She is giving fantastic instructions. Amanda is top notch when it comes to bossing people around!

Remember Mark & Michael? Well, they still have goofy music to accompany their presence onscreen and they still have yet to figure out what the hell they're supposed to be doing. They figure out that perhaps they have wandered too far, and turn around. What is it with people getting so far off the beaten path this season?

We go back over to Christie and she is stumped by "Name That Playwright". To be fair, she probably hasn't seen Uncle Vanya or The Seagull. Also, in the spirit of not casting stones where they aren't deserved, the only thing I can say in Russian is "I don't know how to speak Russian," which is the only thing I learned in an entire semester taking the language.


As for "lumberjacks" Mel & Mike, their stack falls over and they're back to square one. And the same thing happens to both Jaime & Cara and Amanda & Kris. This is disastrous for all three teams, and puts Mark & Michael back into the discussion for being competitive. Mel & Mike decide to move on to "construct", and by accident follow the clue correctly. They decide that since they can't find the house they're supposed to repair, they'll go ahead and build their shutters, which is what they were supposed to do in the first place. *goofy music plays*

Kisha gets all seven of her letters, and like Christie, she has no idea who Chekhov is. While the two of them ponder that question, Margie & Luke finish their wood stack, and are off to find their next clue. Amanda & Kris decide to do the other task right as Victor & Tammy's stack is completed.

At the U-Turn, Margie & Luke have a decision to make. They have a semi-alliance with Jaime & Cara, and can really lend that team a hand by forcing someone else to complete both tasks. They choose Amanda & Kris, which is probably a good call since they've already struggled with the log stacking challenge. This gives Jaime & Cara the opportunity to complete their challenge.

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