Monday Morning Quarterback

By BOP Staff

February 24, 2009

I think they got the entire cast onstage for the acceptance, which is pretty cool, really.

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Tyler Perry's Monday Morning Quarterback set to open huge!

Kim Hollis: Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail is his biggest film to date, opening to an estimated $41.1 million. To what do you attribute this one being his most popular?

Brandon Scott: Perhaps some fans coming in hopes that she dies in jail? Maybe she gets #$*:-!@%! in jail? It was the only new film to really drop in the marketplace, so it hits its niche obviously. A built-in fan base, counter-programming to the Oscars (i.e. -films that matter or films that are good)...all of the above. Perry is a genius, you have to hand it to him. Even the black community doesn't respect the guy but the hits just keep on coming. Madea being his most "popular" character or signature character certainly helped. I am sick to my stomach now. And this was a good day thus far, dammit!!

Pete Kilmer: I think it was due to the Star Trek fanbase coming out to support one of the actors in the new movie as Tyler Perry will be in the new Star Trek film.

Max Braden: The trailer made this one look like it was more intentionally funny than the previous Madea films. I don't know how his films merge the drama with the comedy because to my eyes Mickey Rourke would look equally convincing in drag.

Kim Hollis: I bet we can get someone to greenlight Generic Mickey Rourke In Drag Comedy #17.


Sean Collier: I'd attribute it to the same thing I attribute Paul Blart at $150 million, Taken at $100 million, and Friday the 13th opening north of $40 million - the bizarre cinematic wormhole we appear to be driving through. The economy's in the tank, ticket prices are up, nothing new or notable is hitting theaters, and everything's doing great. We may be prophets around here, but the past two months have just made no sense at all.

David Mumpower: I'm going to go off the board from some of the other answers here and say that this is the most marketable film Tyler Perry has ever done or ever will do. The Madea character's popularity stems from people celebrating the idea of a raunchy older woman who isn't afraid to say or do anything. Putting that character in a jail setting wherein she can mock any number of hookers, pimps, drug deals and the like is a best case scenario in terms of potential comedy. Madea's popularity has always been shocking to me, but the success of this particular project is not.

I had friends saying they were going to go see this movie. These friends made me sad.

Kim Hollis: Tyler Perry's seven films have totaled over $300 million to date. Why does he have such consistent box office success? Do you see this continuing or do you believe saturation has become an issue?

Brandon Scott: Saturation clearly hasn't hurt him. I can't see how a contrarian answer would come into play being that this is his biggest opening ever. TP has become a brand. Synonymous with toilet paper in my mind, but a brand nevertheless, just like Kleenex or Roto-Rooter.

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