Survivor: Tocantins

Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 12, 2009

We'll mess her...assets.

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The Jalapao tribe arrives at camp, and they're frankly a little pissed that Sandy hasn't done any work in her time alone. They're all nice to each other's faces, but the comments to the camera indicate that Sandy doesn't like them and they don't really like her. To be fair to the Jalapao folks, Sandy does seem all kinds of crazy. She hasn't had the frame of mind to be able to find the idol and she's not very good at knowing the right things to say. She's clearly pretty defensive and it's not doing her any favors.

Meanwhile, Sierra has done exactly what she has set out to do. She built the shelter for her team and has done so all while having strep throat. She tells her teammates that she understands why they voted for her, and even Coach gives her props. Still, he notes that on their four-hour journey to camp, Timbira has had the chance to bond, and she's the odd man out. He believes she still needs to be the first person voted out.

Carolina, a bartender on the Jalapao tribe is starting to enter our consciousness with some bitchy/bossy behavior. She's already taken several shots at Sandy, and now she's started telling everyone else at camp the best way to do things. We don't like her chances long term, either. Thus far, we're pretty sure that Sandy, Sierra, Carolina and Coach aren't going to win.

Sandy has gone off looking for the idol again, but she's encountering some problems. The first is that she has dug up a clue. In it, the diabolical producers have instructed her to go ten paces toward a palm tree. The trouble is, she doesn't know what a pace is. She also has no idea what a palm tree is, apparently, as she starts walking toward some local shrubbery. Oh dear.

At last, it's time for our good friend Jeff Probst to announce today's challenge. Winner gets to take fire back to camp, and also wins the all important immunity idol. Like so many challenges in recent years, this is a fairly convoluted event. Each tribe must run out through the water to pull a raft full of stairs back to shore. Then, these stairs must be pushed and tugged over a sand hill to the final point where they will be put in the proper position to create a staircase. At the top of these stairs is a final puzzle that kind of looks like a fishing rod. In the beginning both teams are even, but Jalapao breaks away as the stairway portion of the challenge begins. They have their last two people working on the fishing rod portion of the game, but they struggle a bit and allow Timbira to catch up. In fact, Erinn and Brendan work so well together, they calmly navigate the puzzle and take Timbira to victory. It's an impressive display of cool teamwork.


And so, of course, it's time to play "It's Anyone But Sandy." Oh, who are we kidding? The editors shouldn't even bother here. Just take us to Tribal Council and show us Jalapao voting her out.

Still, Carolina makes a strong case for herself by returning to camp and bossing all her teammates around. She advises them that perhaps they should clean things up, which Taj bluntly ridicules. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Spencer argues that Sandy did a fantastic job in the challenge and thinks that she has earned her spot on the tribe. Clearly, there is at least a tiny amount of discussion going around about whether Sandy or Carolina is more worthy of staying.

Either way, Sandy recognizes that she desperately needs to find that immunity idol. She's determined to figure out what a "pace" is (it's a delicious salsa!), but we're pretty sure she's impaired by her lack of palm tree knowledge.

But wait! Sandy didn't need that idol after all. We're blown away as Carolina is the first person voted off of Survivor: Tocantins. Apparently, her Immunity Challenge performance combined with Carolina's extreme bitchiness was enough to keep the bus driver but dump the bossy chick. We're impressed that this group was fairly open minded, and though we think Sandy probably isn't long for this game, she at least has been thrown a lifeline.

And the good news for Sandy is that since she's staying in Brazil, she has a little more time to figure out what a palm tree is.

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