Survivor: Tocantins

Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 12, 2009

We'll mess her...assets.

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Even better, though, is the fact that Probst drops a bombshell. Each tribe will vote for a player before they even begin their journey. Wow. On the plus side, we view this as 6,000 fewer words we'll be required to write. On first glance, we believe that bus driver Sandy and tonsil girl Sierra seem most likely to go. If it's not one of them or one of the people we've already mentioned, someone is going to go home without being shown.

But wait. We're going to have to write those 6,000 words after all. It's a swerve. Probst points out that he never actually said that a player would be eliminated - just that they wouldn't make the four hour trek. Instead, the people voted for by their peers get to fly in a helicopter to camp, making them the most well-rested. The interesting development here is that Sydney votes for Stephen (the "nerd") and Brendan votes for Erinn (the "bitch"), immediately creating public enemies. Everyone else votes for Sandy and Sierra, just as we predicted.

Spencer takes this opportunity to point out that he is 19-years-old, which means that he was ten when the show started airing. We don't even know what to say to this.

Early politics unfold in the Jalapao tribe. Stephen states that he just can't see himself, "an anxious New York jew," developing an dalliance with Alabama good ol' boy JT. This seems like an error in judgment, as JT is the hero of the moment, carrying some of the heaviest objects as well as successfully negotiating the map. Our favorite moment in this segment, however, is when Taj states that she's enjoying the marathon trek because she came on the show to lose her baby weight. She's gonna be a size 0 by this time this is over, we're sure.


They're struggling more at Timbira, since they are having to carry the heavier items, such as the water canisters. Jerry, the only one to smile during this whole thing, tells the camera that he is a first sergeant in the Army National Guard, a detail he chooses not to share with his tribe mates. Meanwhile, Coach wants the world to know his entire resume. He gleefully points out that he is a college soccer coach in one state and a conductor of a symphony orchestra in another, making us wonder if he is also an airplane pilot, or possibly identical twins who have confused the producer of Survivor.

Next, we see Sandy melting down during her helicopter ride before eventually standing at the new encampment and crying while whispering words of reassurance to herself. The game is not four hours old, and already Sierra and Sandy have had crying jags and been "voted out" by their peers once. We really don't like their chances of winning.

When Sandy and Sierra arrive at their respective camps, they learn that they have the option to use the time waiting for their tribemates to search for a hidden immunity idol or they can work on building up their camp area to try to ingratiate themselves with their team members and make the area more habitable. Sandy chooses to search for the idol, saying that she's got to look out for #1, but Sierra works on the camp, trying to make things nice for her new cohorts.

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