Max Braden's February 2009 Forecast

By Max Braden

February 6, 2009

He can't believe someone showed up in the same outfit as him.

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Weekend Starting February 20th (Oscar wekeend)

Madea Goes to Jail

Oscar weekend is usually bad news for box office, but Tyler Perry just keeps pulling them in. Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? It's a money maker. Oscar nominee Viola Davis appears alongside Perry in drag as the feisty grandmother. Madea's Family Reunion opened to $30 million in February 2006, and the audience reaction to this trailer has been good.
Forecast: $25 million.

Award Season Alert!: The Motion Picture Sound Editors have their annual ceremony on Saturday, and then... The Oscars! Starring Hugh Jackman and Danny Boyle.


Weekend Starting February 27

The Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience

After Miley Cyrus earned major money for Disney with her concert movie last February, putting out this one was a no brainer. I can only assume that the girls are even more crazy for the guys than they were for Miley. I have no idea who these guys are, because...I'm, but I wouldn't bet against them.
Forecast: $30 millon

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Is there any daylight in this movie? Is there anyone I want to see starring in it? Well, the Oscar-nominated Michael Clarke Duncan is in it. Lana Lang from Smallville stars as the video game character (in live action. Now that I think about it, a video-game style movie might be interesting.) I guess there's always the need to meet some kung fu craving, but come on, GI Joe is going to make this one look silly.
Forecast: $14 million.

Crossing Over

It used to be that even Harrison Ford's dramas were something to hype. I had to check the credits of this title before realizing that Ford was starring. Only a few weeks away and I haven't seen one trailer for it on TV. It's an immigration movie, which despite press in political news isn't likely to be a big draw for audiences. Like Traffic, the issue is shown from the ground point of view and from the office point of view: Ford plays an officer while Ray Liotta plays a policymaker. Writer/director Wayne Kramer has three crime-based movies under his belt, all of them opening under $4 million.
Forecast: $4 million.

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