Top Chef Recap

By Jason Lee

January 30, 2009

I love me some me.

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This week on Watch What We Say: Something old and something new

Why is Leah still here? Can someone explain that to me? I remember early on in the season, I actually thought she had talent. She sounded smart, she had her dishes together, she was classically trained, and had experience at a really great she just comes off like a ditsy girl that's just had one mimosa too many. Seriously, she slurs her words, she never has any good ideas for about someone who needs a vacation.

Anyhow, the show opens with the ongoing saga of Leah and Hosea. While Hosea seems like he's moved on from their little adulterous adventure (carping on his frustration that Stefan is continuing his winning ways and won't shut up about it), Leah drones on and on about their infamous kiss on the couch. She says that throughout the competition, she and Hosea have been the closest competitors and that after mixing a little alcohol into the situation, they ended up not hooking up, but making out.

Yeah, I'm sure that your boyfriend will really care that you guys didn't hook up. Same goes for Hosea's girlfriend.

Have you guessed by now that I'm sick of them both?

We arrive in the Top Chef kitchen and we see Padma and Scott Conant - a great Italian chef who just got a three-star review (highest level possible) from the NY Times. Hosea says that getting a three-star rating from the Times is almost impossible unless you're perfect...meaning that Fabio will either wow him with his mastery of Italian cooking or disappoint him that Italian food could be done in such a mediocre way.

The Quickfire is Super Bowl-themed this week, and again, the producers have impressed me with their creativity this season. Before them stands a large chalkboard with a grid on it. Along the top are a series of names of ingredients - all covered up. Down the left side is a series of names of dishes - all covered up. Each contestant has a chance to write their name in any square they choose, though they're not sure what ingredient and dish they're committing themselves to.

One by one, Padma reveals their combination. Fabio has vegetables as his dish and oats as his ingredient. A tough challenge but he's up for it. Stefan is next and he has a dairy dish with...OATS! What's up with this? Padma gleefully reveals every ingredient along the top - they all say oats. Apparently this is the Quaker Oats Quickfire Challenge where each chef, as Padma puts it, must "re-think the super grain." No one gets immunity but the winner will get an
advantage in the elimination round.


Carla is excited about this challenge, dubbing herself "Miss Oats" because she eats it four times a week. Jaime has oats and fruit and has deliberately shied away from doing a dessert. Jeff seems to be taking out his recent frustrations on his chicken, smashing it audibly with a metal bowl. Leah, like always, is clueless and admits that she has absolutely no idea what to do with seafood and oats. Apparently she's as good in the kitchen as she is in bed.

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