Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

January 27, 2009

Even Larry Fitzgerald can't believe most of BOP is predicting a Cardinals win.

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Jamie Ruccio: I'm with Jim on this one...a big shocker to me was the shutout of "Gran Torino". The buzz on this, I thought, six weeks ago was fairly high but the lack of Gold Globes just destroyed it somehow. I thought the one last glimpse of gruff, shotgun wielding Clint Eastwood with a sweet ending would be enough. I really wonder if Hollywood just has enough attention and affection for a small number of films. They seem to neglect what was previously the most talked about film in favor of the new favorite a lot. The whole "Crash" versus "Brokeback Mountain" comes to mind.

Cowboys in the Super Bowl! You heard it here first!

Kim Hollis: Who ya got in the Super Bowl?

Brandon Scott: Pittsburgh wins smoothly, say 35-17, though I am actively rooting against them. I hope Big Ben chokes one off like he did in his first Super Bowl, but even then, it might not be enough (seeing as they beat an inferior Seahawks team the first go around). I still want to see them beat a healthy Chargers team, but I am not, not at all. Go Cards!

Reagen Sulewski: I'm taking Bruce Springsteen and the points.

Eric Hughes: The Cards for sure looked awesome against my Eagles, but the Steelers have a lot going for them on their side - including history. I expect Pittsburgh to be an NFL-record 6-1 in Super Bowl appearances by the time I'm watching the post-game Office.

David Mumpower: After what happened last year with the Giants upsetting the Patriots, I think everyone should be a bit nervous about picking the favorite. The Cardinals are a fascinating team in that they have dynamic core pieces on both sides of the ball. Given how prone Roethlisberger is to absorb sacks, this is a scary matchup if they cannot get Darnell Dockett and Karlos Dansby blocked consistently. We saw in the regular season game against Dallas and in the first playoff game against the Falcons (dammit) that the Cardinals can dominate with their defensive front seven if they get a bit of confidence. I expect most people to take Pittsburgh - and I fully expect them to break out one of their wonderful offensive gadgets to break a big play - but I like the way Arizona is playing. I may look like a fool if they show up for this game in the same shape they did against the Patriots in December, but I think Kurt Warner is about to win another Super Bowl and retire as a champion. I also think that the $40 million/four-year contract Larry Fitzgerald signed back in March is already completely justified, each and every dollar of it.


Daron Aldridge: I am going with Pat Ross and the Arizona Cardinals. Just giving the unsung position of center a little love. He has as many touches throughout the game as quarterback. Don't let Terrell Owens hear about that or it'll be another teammate he complains about. Let's go ahead and call the score as 28-13 for a Cardinals win. Feel free to call me foolish because quite simply I am when it comes to football.

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