Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Say Goodbye to Gabon, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

January 8, 2009

Pour some Sugar on me.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to the extremely late Survivor: Gabon finale recap. Hopefully, you were all glued to BOP for our first ever Survivor finale blog. But if you weren't, I'll recap that for you real quick: I predicted every challenge and boot perfectly, including the exact vote count for the winner. David, however, was completely wrong on everything. It was quite amazing really. But I digress... When we left the Survivor recaps, Sugar, Bob and Matty pulled in Susie and turned the tables on the power twins, Crystal and Kenny, by blindsiding Crystal and sending her to a cold shoulder greeting at the Ponderosa. Bob remains a challenge hog, Sugar is still playing the best strategic game, Susie is still practically invisible and Kenny has GOT to be shaking in his boots. Okay, I've alreay delayed this column enough, so let's get to the recap.

As they do every season, the finale episode starts with a lengthy season recap. We begin the new action at the Nobag camp after Crystal's ouster. Sugar is feeling very proud of herself for the way she and Matty played the hidden idol at Tribal. I think Sugar is finally starting to believe she can win this game. Kenny complains about not being aware of the vote for Crystal. He then gets going again on Bob giving him his immunity idol. Bob finally tells him to get his own idol, which leads to another confessional whinefest about how Bob has no integrity for not sacrificing himself for Kenny. Bob tells us that the deal is off and Ken is just on his own.

The next morning, Sugar and Bob are talking about the dream final three of them and Matty. To set the hook into Ken, Sugar confirms with Ken that if he loses, Bob is gone. And if Bob wins, Susie is gone. Ken then tells us that he had felt betrayed and blindsided the night before, but after their little talk, he feels that Sugar really wants to take him to the finals with her. And somewhere along the line he called himself the mastermind?? Really???


Ken and Sugar come back from Tree Mail with a bunch of face paint and clothing type stuff to dress up/make up like warriors for the challenge. While they all look pretty good, I think Probst nails it when he tells Bob he is very "Village People". Still, since Bob keeps winning challenges, I'd say he can dress however he wants. With that in mind, let's get to today's challenge.

The survivors will have to dig underneath a wall and over a plank maze to a more traditional maze. While in the maze, they will find their way to several Gabonese huts. In three of these huts, there will be bags of puzzle pieces. In the rest, nothing. Once they find a bag, they have to exit the maze and take the bag to the puzzle making station, then head back into the maze. Once they have all three bags, they will begin working on a puzzle that will recreate one of the Gabonese huts. The first person to complete the puzzle wins immunity. As they take off, it's surprisingly Susie that leads the way under the wall and over the plank maze. However, everyone is pretty close behind, so they're all pretty much equal in the maze. Everyone gets their first bag of pieces at about the same time. When he finds the second bag, Matty starts to build himself a bit of a lead, but everyone is pretty close behind. Sugar and Bob pass Matty up to the third bag and Sugar is actually the first one to start on her puzzle. Bob, Matty and Ken are right behind. Susie can't find the final bag. As you might expect, Bob is flying through the puzzle, but so is Sugar. With only two pieces left in her puzzle, Sugar has to hear those dreaded words once again. "Bob wins immunity." And a one in four shot at winning a million dollars.

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