Survivor Gabon: Earth's Last Eden

Say Goodbye to Gabon, Part 1

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

January 8, 2009

Pour some Sugar on me.

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We come back from break to play, "It's anyone but Kenny." Well...we would play "It's Anyone But Kenny", but Ken bought Sugar's line all the way and he feels pretty confident that Susie is the vote. Matty comes to Ken to let him know that Susie is the vote, but they're not going to say anything to her until the end of the day, so she can't scramble around. Next up we see Susie asking Matty what the vote is and he keeps insisting that he doesn't know. And for the first time, Susie feels vulnerable.

Next up, we see Matty hammering Sugar for a final alliance. He says that he will gladly vote for Susie to get them to the end of the game. Sugar finally goes to Bob to see what he thinks - Susie or Kenny? Sugar is having a hard time deciding. She has no alliance with Susie at all, so that's the safe vote. But, Kenny is a liar and could scramble up votes and possibly turn people. The one thing she feels sure about is that Matty and Bob will vote with her, no matter who the target is.

As we get to Tribal Council, the first question is for Bob about his record-tying challenge win and whether or not the target on his back is getting larger. He says that it definitely is. That's why he keeps doing everything he can to have that necklace. Next up, Jeff asks Matty if he doesn't look at Bob with admiration. He says definitely, and that Bob can't have a target on his back, because he's so far ahead of them. He then asks Susie if she thinks there may be a good reason for her to get voted out. She says that just sits back to wait to be told who to vote for and that can be a bad thing.


Next up is whether Ken feels like he repaired any damage from the last 37 days. And here comes the immunity necklace discussion. What follows is more whining on Ken's part about how he thinks Bob will go back on his deal. He starts talking about "fine print" in the contract that he says Bob threw in there. Bob interjects that when he made the deal with Ken, he then heard that Ken's plan was to take Bob's idol and then vote Bob out. He says THAT is the fine print. If I help you out, you help me out. It's not a situation where if I give you the immunity necklace, you stab me in the back. THANK YOU, BOB!! Thank you for making Ken look like the whiny bitch that he is. And thank you for doing it in front of Jeff and the entire jury.

As Corinne and Charlie laugh, Jeff asks Ken is he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He says not at all, that's just how they were going to vote, and that's what Bob had promised. Jeff asks him if he feels like he needs the necklace or if he just wants Bob to honor the deal. He says that he feels pretty comfortable tonight and he just wants Bob to do what he promised. The last question is whether Bob wants to give up immunity, and that answer is no.

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