The Amazing Race 13, Episode 8

I'm Like an Angry Cow

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 16, 2008

They are literally never this happy.

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Ken & Tina are out a full hour behind Terence & Sarah, and they seem to be in a better place at this point right now than they had been during earlier legs of the race. They're hoping that if they can pull things together, they can get back to being the dominant force they had been early on in the race.

Twelve minutes behind them are Andrew & Dan, who are oh so excited to get the cash that comes with their clue. They've got quite the racket going! Unlike the rest of the teams, they're all excited to meet the aforementioned Borat. They apparently don't realize that he's fictional. Perhaps he lives with the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Nick & Star, Toni & Dallas and Ken & Tina all are able to make it on the first flight to Kazakhstan. The big mystery is how Ken & Tina were able to surpass Terence & Sarah, who had an hour lead on them. Alas, we don't see any of that on camera, but we do see Terence & Sarah get shut out for seats on the first plane. However, there are only two seats available on the second flight, which means that Andrew & Dan are stuck on a later plane. The fact that CBS doesn't show us what time their plane will arrive at its scheduled destination makes us suspect that they'll be far enough behind that we're looking at a repeat of what happened a couple of episodes ago with Aja & Ty. Unless the chicken factory doesn't open until daylight, they're going to be screwed.


Lo and behold, this is exactly what happens. The chicken factory is closed until 7:30 in the morning, giving the last place teams roughly six hours to catch up. And so they do. Everyone is on equal footing when the gates to the chicken place open. We're happy that this makes the race more exciting for us to recap; however, if we were contestants with a six hour lead, we'd be finger-licking-pissed.

Today's Road Block has teams searching the chicken factory for a golden egg. There's also a Fast Forward, which will require both members to eat a local Kazakh delicacy. Terence & Sarah and Nick & Starr both decide to go for the Fast Forward, which means that the golden egg searchers have a bit of breathing room. Toni is the first one to find an egg, and they are instructed to travel by crane truck to the Koktobe Arch, where they must find - and we're not kidding here - a Mongol Warrior (and apparently a time machine to get them to said warrior). Andrew is next to find an egg, followed quickly by Tina. It's a race to the crane trucks between these two teams, because there are apparently only two Mongol Warriors available at a time, and it's first come, first serve.

Meanwhile, both Nick & Starr and Terence and Sarah have arrived at the Fast Forward, where Terence has made the unfortunate discovery that he will be required to eat meat. This is a problem, since he's a vegetarian. He tells Sarah that just can't do it. Frankly, we don't think he could have done it even if he were a carnivore. This just gives him a convenient excuse. However, to his credit, he really does make a go of it. Starr is really struggling with her delicious sheep's butt, on the other hand.

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