The Amazing Race 13, Episode 2

Do You Like American Candy?

By Reagen Sulewski

October 9, 2008

Three minutes later she kneed him in the groin.

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Welcome back to Brazil, for the second leg of The Amazing Passive-Aggressive Race. Or don't. See if I care. I know you just want to cheat on me with the Survivor writeup.

The remaining ten teams are set to take off for another day of racing, but first we have some pointless relationship drama to get through first, as Terence and Sarah still have unresolved issues from the first leg. Terence was upset that Sarah spent time talking to other teams, whereas Sarah had the unreasonable expectation of being able to interact like a normal human being. Run, Sarah, run, before you end up chained up in his basement!

Nick and Starr get to take off first, at 4:07 a.m. and are directed to fly to Fortaleza, Brazil, where they'll then have to travel to a small nearby village and find a plaza near the beach. Ken & Tina, aka Team Eyeroll, are second away, six minutes back and seem to actually be basing the future of their relationship based on their race performance. I bet Ken is verrrry conflicted.

Leaving as the third team, Terence & Sarah put on their co-dependent pants early this morning. After Terence is hit in the head with the hatchback of the their taxi, he starts making out that he's been gravely injured or something. Asking Sarah to mop up the copious amounts of blood that must surely be gushing from his head wound, he's angry when she can't see where it is. That's because it's basically a tiny dot right at his hairline that has already clotted. Dear Terence: man up, please.


Hey, did you know Kelly & Christy had bad marriages? I sure didn't. I don't know why they don't talk about this more. Apparently, this is one of the big advantages they have over the other teams, but I'm a bit puzzled as to how quitting something (however valid your reason may be) gives you experience for a race.

Time for this week's airport drama – there's one flight out in the morning and it's basically full, with the next flight not until the afternoon. Seeing the long lineup at the counter, the airline decides to bring in a larger plane to take all of them. Tina immediately takes credit for this decision, at which I cannot roll my eyes enough. She then tries to brag this up to the other teams, who thankfully are having none of this.

We don't hear much from the trailing teams, except for Anthony and Stephanie, who talk about how the race will give them the money they need to get married. They must want to copy Celine Dion's wedding. I'd hope that Anthony would start with buying a T-shirt that fits first.

Marisa gives us the episode title for the night, after handing a piece of candy to the airline agent. Because giving colored sugar to a woman who lives in a country that has so much sugar they burn it for fuel is such a treat.

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