Daily Box Office Analysis for August 27, 2008

By David Mumpower

August 28, 2008

Are you sure George Lucas didn't write this? Because it's god-awful like his stuff.

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A less than blistering week of box office continues as Tropic Thunder meanders its way to another first place finish with a whopping $1,439,940. That's about half of what The Dark Knight made each hour on its first day in theaters...and it only goes downhill from here. I'm less than enthusiastic about the fact that I'm writing the Weekend Wrap-Up the next two weekends. It'll be like describing various coats of paint.

The only other story on the top ten yesterday was the release of my beloved Don Cheadle's latest movie, Traitor. Clearly, you people do not love Cheadle the way that I do as only $792,214 worth of you attended the film yesterday. Folks, that's The Rocker territory. Cheadle is the best actor in the world today. Go see his damn movies. And I mean the ones that don't have "Ocean" followed by a number in the title.


The big two from last weekend (and I'm honestly not sure if I'm being sarcastic there or not) finished in second and fourth place yesterday with The Dark Knight splitting the difference. The House Bunny earned another $1,088,393, giving it a running total of $18,479,657. Death Race fell a spectacular 21.5% (I've avoiding all potential car crash metaphors here) to $924,180, giving it a grand total of $15,988,650. Needless to say, it's not long for this world.

The Dark Knight's $986,453 is also newsworthy. The 10.5% from Tuesday's $1,102,337 is its first sub-million performance on any day thus far during its release. We are coming to the end of the line. The $492,688,931 total represents 82.0% of Titanic's $600,788,188. It looks like it's going to wind up around $520 million, give or take a little bit. Sorry, Mr. Kilmer.

Combined revenue for the top ten yesterday was $7,576,745, which is less than The Dark Knight earned on any of its first 17 days in release. Academy Awards season cannot get here fast enough for me.

Daily Box Office for Wednesday, August 27, 2008
Rank Film Distributor Daily Gross Daily Change Weekly Change Running Total
1 Tropic Thunder DreamWorks $1,439,940 - 19.6% - 50.4% $70,968,009
2 The House Bunny Columbia Pictures (Sony) $1,088,393 - 19.6% N/A $18,479,657
3 The Dark Knight Warner Bros. Pictures $986,453 - 10.5% - 45.4% $492,688,931
4 Death Race Universal Pictures $924,180 - 21.5% N/A $15,988,650
5 Traitor Overture Films $792,214 N/A N/A $792,214
6 Mamma Mia! Universal $628,910 - 11.3% - 41.8% $126,474,290
7 The Pineapple Express Sony/Columbia $582,944 - 18.4% - 54.2% $75,843,068
8 Mirrors Twentieth Century Fox $415,931 - 19.1% - 54.1% $21,668,827
9 Star Wars: The Clone Wars Warner Bros. Pictures $414,368 - 17.7% - 61.6% $26,493,966
10 The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 Warner Bros. Pictures $303,412 - 19.8% - 63.8% $39,378,081
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations



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