Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

August 19, 2008

BOP loves a good conspiracy theory.

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Frankly, Kiefer Sutherland is scarier than any mirror.

Kim Hollis: Mirrors, the Kiefer Sutherland horror thriller, earned $11.2 million. Should Fox be pleased, angry or indifferent with/to this result?

Max Braden: They should feel haunted and slightly scared, the kind of feeling you get when you know a fright is coming but still get chills anyway. I don't always get what appeals to horror fans, but it seemed like the cast was the only thing going for this movie, and that wasn't much either. So I guess they should feel happy enough, especially since a blockbuster isn't making that much either.

Shane Jenkins: I think this figure reflects (ba-DUM) the horror crowd's desire to see anything at this point. Summer is the only season that they are under-served. Chin up guys! Soon it will be autumn and you'll have 13 choices every week!

David Mumpower: I actually thought Mirrors could do better since I really liked the commercials. I feel they had a nicely creepy tone as well as a couple of thrilling moments involving the, well, mirrors. I think what this shows is why Kiefer Sutherland works on television rather than in movies. Even when he's placed on a decent project, he's just not a draw.


Jamie Ruccio: They should be thrilled. I disagree with David, It looked vapid and pointless with Sutherland continuing to learn from the Late Al Pacino Whisper/Scream School of Acting. Anyone who needed to see this is clearly damaged.

Reagen Sulewski: Interestingly, this hit almost the same mark as Dark Water, which it kind of superficially resembled. I guess there's a standard and consistent group of people who frightened by inanimate objects.

Sean Collier: Horror running unopposed in August should do better than this. If Fox had actually bothered to advertise, they might have pulled in much bigger crowds; as it is, they might hope for a sleeper hit, but so-so reviews will work against that. Kiefer Sutherland still needs a ticking clock to make him a star, unfortunately.

Jason Lee: Frankly, this is a pretty standard gross for what looks like a pretty standard remake of a hit foreign horror film.

Brandon Scott: Fox is a little bummed since it will have a hard time seeing even money here domestically, when it cost a reported $35 million to make. While a horror pic like this always hopes to do business like The Grudge did, the producers are going to have to figure out how to do things differently when looking at these projects in the future. They're going to have to start with the man in the mirror. They're going to have to ask him to change his ways.

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