Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

August 11, 2008

The president has important things to do. Like look at Misty May's ass.

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The stoners were unusually focused on Wednesday

Kim Hollis: Pineapple Express, a film with a $27 million budget, earned $41.3 million in five days. What should Sony take from this result?

Shane Jenkins: Always bet on Huey Lewis?

Tim Briody: Pot comedies are money? First the cult success of Harold and Kumar, and now this.

Max Braden: It's more than the pot angle, or Escape from Guantanamo would have grossed more than $40 million. I think August is a good time for buddy action comedies (see Rush Hour) and Pineapple Express demonstrates that you can center a movie around a couple of dumb but nice regular guys and make money. I think they got lucky though because the more recent trailer was far more buddy than the first action trailer and had me guessing about what the movie's tone was going to be like.


Reagen Sulewski: They should continue to do everything they can to make Judd Apatow happy. If that means giving him $50 million to make a biopic of Victoria Principal, then so be it.

Pete Kilmer: That's right, Reagen. Keep the Apatow/Rogen crew happy and make piles of cash. It was a fun movie.

Scott Lumley: They should be sending Seth Rogen that solid gold bong and a lifetime subscription to "Cookies of the Month". Does anybody else in the business do so much with consistently so little? This was essentially a Cheech and Chong movie and it paid off its investment in three days!

Daron Aldridge: I really want to work a "puff, puff, pass" reference into my answer but am coming up blank, so I digress. They should be stoked about this performance. Even with half the money of Knocked Up, Pineapple Express walks away with $75 million, which is nearly triple its budget.

Brandon Scott: Its another moneymaker but its legs are suspect. This thing might get hit with a Misery-esqe mallet to the ankles. You bring the 2 by 4, I've got the hammer.

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