Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

August 11, 2008

The president has important things to do. Like look at Misty May's ass.

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I can promise that when he was on Freaks and Geeks, we totally knew Seth Rogen would be a huge star. Okay, we loved him, but this is utterly unexpected.

Kim Hollis: Given the success of Knocked Up, Superbad and now Pineapple Express, should we start considering Seth Rogen to be a box office draw?

Max Braden: I'm sure the college age demographic will see anything he's cast in but I wouldn't go throwing blank checks his way just yet.

Reagen Sulewski: You could probably call him "the Auteur version of Jack Black".

Pete Kilmer: Seth Rogen has a lot of goodwill with audiences now. And with his turn coming up in Green Hornet, it should be interesting to see how crowds react to it.


Scott Lumley: Considering the minuscule budgets and the less than well known casts those films went with, Seth is moving into some pretty rarified air. Every time he walks through the door at a major studio the door probably makes the "Cha-Ching!" cash register sound.

Daron Aldridge: Since we gave Steve Carell some of the credit for supporting roles in other successful movies like Bruce Almighty, we shouldn't forget about Rogen's voice work in Kung Fu Panda and Horton Hears a Who. Rogen appears to positioned as the slacker actor that could be the heir apparent to the late '90s/early 2000s Adam Sandler for today's teenage and 20s audience. He really does seem like a guy that we all might know, stoned and all. Though I think he risks losing that niche with the Green Hornet in 2010, but who knows.

Brandon Scott: Do we consider weed as something that gets us high? While I don't think Rogen was the main attraction in Superbad (from an acting standpoint) even though he wrote it, Knocked Up really put him on the map and his Apatow cameos have gained him some steam. He's not Will Smith or even Brendan Fraser, but okay, he's a bigger draw than Sir Anthony Hopkins...there I said it. The answer to the question appears to be, yes.

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