Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

July 28, 2008

It wasn't the best sports week.

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If you haven't seen The Dark Knight 51 times, you're just not trying.

Kim Hollis: The Dark Knight fell 52% to $75.1 million. The movie has an astonishing total of $313.8 million after ten days. Where does it go from here?

David Mumpower: Reading between the lines here, I feel The Dark Knight has a reasonable chance of becoming the number two movie ever domestically (in terms of revenue, not ticket sales, obviously). Due to the novel nature of its weekdays, we had not been able to rule out the Titanic possibility yet. This is still the case today (I refuse to rule out anything for a film that earns $300 million in ten days), but its second weekend was the first sign of the money train slowing down. The bump of only 41% from Thursday to Friday is its first sign of "weakness", but this is still the 24th biggest weekend ever. So, The Dark Knight has earned more in its second frame than The Simpsons Movie did on opening weekend. This performance remains superlative even if it did reach the dizzying heights that were theoretically possible. I think this movie will earn $500 million domestically and become the number two overall earner worldwide, too.

Pete Kilmer: This movie has exceeded every expectation I had for it. I predicted a mere $90 opening weekend total. I think anything it does is above and beyond what I thought it could do. This is the standard that the next batch of super hero films will have to measure up to.

Calvin Trager: I figured a 60% drop was automatic given the sheer size of the opening, so add Dark Knight's second weekend to the already lengthy list of its accomplishments.

Reagen Sulewski: James Cameron can call off the hit squad, for now. However, George Lucas cannot. It did manage the biggest second weekend ever, but just barely. Still, it's more than Spider-Man 3 could claim.

Brandon Scott: I think it will reach #2 all-time and could do $1 billion worldwide. It is indeed...astonishing.


Daron Aldridge: In the immortal words of Dr. Peter Venkman, when asked "Where do the stairs go?", the answer is "Up." If it only falls 52% after that mammoth opening (had to look up another superlative since David used all of them in the daily analysis), guessing its final take is just that...guessing. It simply isn't behaving like movies typically do today.

Jason Lee: I believe it becomes the second film in history to gross more than $500 million but that's about it. The DVD comes out for holiday and again, breaks more sales records along the way. The film eventually grosses more than $1 billion worldwide but is notably absent from the major categories at the Oscar, save for a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Heath Ledger.

Scott Lumley: It's going up, baby. Way up. $500 million up. This is the movie that will make Titanic its bitch and I could not be prouder.

Sean Collier: I'm still preparing my triumphant "I bloody told you so" speech for when The Dark Knight hits Titanic's numbers, as Scott Lumley and I boldly predicted last week. There's a perfect storm brewing here - phenomenal word-of-mouth, excellent reviews, multiple repeat viewings from big fans, and no true contender on the horizon. Admittedly, $600 million is a long way off, but I'm still going all in on this call.

David Mumpower: Okay, the two of you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Titanic looks safe for now.

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