Monday Morning Quarterback Part I

By BOP Staff

June 30, 2008

Loooooooooser. (But she's so pretty.)

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It's probably not a coincidence that the guy who started Apple has played a major role in Pixar

Kim Hollis: Is there any name brand you trust more than Pixar in any industry?

Sean Collier: Guinness. That's about it.

Joel Corcoran: The only other time I've trusted a brand name more as much as Pixar was Wizards of the Coast circa 1995 to 1999. Or Disney itself years ago when I was a kid. Those are the only times I've had unconditional trust that not only would a company put out a quality product with every release, but that the company as a whole has a true and genuine love of their work. And that they pay attention so strongly to the interests of their fans, rather than just exploiting people for a quick buck.

David Mumpower: Joel's answer alarms me. As for brands I trust as much or more, the only one I can come up with is TiVo. Pixar simply does not make mistakes. It's uncanny.

Jerry Simpson: Pixar is so head and shoulders better than anyone else right now it's even hard for me to make a historical comparison. Apple is obvious, but they have had flops and missteps. There were only seven Harry Potter books, and Pixar has made nine. The only two fair comparisons I can think of are Ferrari in Formula 1 and the Boston Celtics.


Michael Bentley: In a word: no. I trust Pixar more than I trust Mountain Dew to give me some pep in the afternoon at work and more than I trust even Chick-fil-A to give me great service and a great meal. Until they make a stinker, I have total blind faith.

Calvin Trager: I can think of a few, like Honda, but they only underscore Pixar's strength. They're running with the giants. Promotional consideration for this response was provided by Honda.

Brandon Scott: No, and how could you really? Pixar's list of hits is bigger and longer than a BALCO'd out, Barry Bonds HR. Unlike Barry, they are THE most trusted name in the industry, kinda like Johnson & Johnson is with baby powder. With your figurative ass on the line, who would you want to cover you?

Jason Lee: Words cannot convey how much I love Pixar. I would hire them to plan my wedding if I could . . . really. It'd probably be the most imaginative, magical and enjoyable wedding in the entirety of human history. I'd probably get every item on my registry.

Scott Lumley: Pixar has become the gold standard of film making. It's just that simple. What other studio has put out such a string of completely wonderful film? The only studio that I can think of that has routinely produced such solid entertainment is actually a video game studio, and that would be Blizzard. Nobody else in the entertainment field is even close to what Pixar is doing right now.

Daron Aldridge: For high quality, public-pleasing products, I would have to go with Apple. I am hearing nothing but great things about the new iPhone...Okay, I can't even keep up such a ridiculously, unrealistic example. Seriously, for any industry, Pixar is a unique beast and stands alone in my mind for consistently giving the public what they want, even when they don't know they want it. Was anyone clamoring for a story about a neurotic clownfish, a cooking rat, or a robot cleaning up an abandoned Earth? No, but now we don't really know how we lived without them and that, my friends, is the way movies are supposed to be.

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