Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

June 25, 2008

Kevin Garnett is so successful he will eat your face off.

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Let us all join together in prayer.

Kim Hollis: Mike Myers' last film, The Cat in the Hat, earned $100.4 million domestically but was considered a worst-case-scenario type of performer at the box office. Five years later, The Love Guru has completely failed. Is this the end of the line for Mike Myers?

Pete Kilmer: Austin Powers 4 and a reunion with Dana Carvey in some project could save him.

Tim Briody: In everything but movies called Shrek, he's done.

Joel Corcoran: I hope not. I don't know what's going on with him, but he's lost that scintillating brilliance he used to have as a comedian. Maybe Pete has it right. Maybe he just needs to get back to doing what he does best to regain his footing again.

Eric Hughes: Another Austin Powers is definitely in order if Mike Myers ever wants his respect back. Although that's a confusing paradox in itself because Goldmember was truly, truly terrible (It's all downhill after that brilliant cold open). Only the first entry will ever have the possibility of going down as a great comedy - if it hasn't done so already. But if we're strictly talking box office, then Austin Powers looks like a sure bet to make big money, considering each release earns more than its predecessor. What The Love Guru proved is that Mike can't simply create a character and hope to God it sticks. The public finally proved - this time, at least - that it's smarter than that.

Max Braden: The Love Guru looked to me just like Austin Powers in different clothing. With it bombing this badly I don't see how greenlighting a fourth sequel would be a smart move. If he took a risk and came up with a different, interesting character, he might be able to redeem himself. But really, raking in the money as Shrek is nothing to be ashamed of.

Matthew Huntley: It is perhaps the end of the line for the Mike Myers we know, the one who's been riding his Austin Powers popularity for the last decade. But it's not the end for the not the comedian overall. What Myers needs to do is stop limiting himself to roles that are so easily defined by mannerisms, speech, dialogue and song+dance numbers. He's become so recognizable as Austin Powers/Dr. Evil, these two personas are what everyone expects from him and it's wearing thin (as is Shrek). Myers needs a fresh role, and then he needs to follow that up with a different one to prove he's a character actor, one who's capable of changing and adapting.

Shane Jenkins: Like M. Night Shyamalan, Myers needs to take a step back and reconsider things. He needs someone who will stand up to him and say "no" and challenge him to come up with better, less lazy material. I've read a lot about his incredible work ethic, but it's in the service of absolutely nothing here. I feel this way about almost every big comedian out there now (Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, etc.), but I would really like to see him work with a real director who can rein in his worst tendencies. He needs an Eternal Sunshine right about now.


Reagen Sulewski: Shane, the sad thing is that as I understand it, this was his attempt to do just that. He'd apparently be workshopping the character of the Pitka around a number of improv troupes. What he really needs to rehabilitate his image is a serious turn that isn't just snide mocking. The Keith Moon movie might just be that.

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