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Weekend Wrap-Up

Deja Vu All Over Again

By David Mumpower

February 10, 2008

You people realize that Kiefer's going to look like the ghoul on the right someday, right?

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Rounding out the top ten are Rambo, Meet the Spartans and There Will Be Blood. In its third week in the top ten, Sylvester Stallone's return to the super-violent Rambo franchise dropped another 42% as it earned $4.1 million. With a grand total of $36.5 million, it sits alongside Rocky Balboa as proof that Stallone can be relevant in the 21st century. Meet the Spartans, which has been Rambo's tag-team partner through the duration of their release, took in $4.075 million and saw a drop of 44%. After getting off to a fast start with an $18.5 million opening weekend, the spoof film has fallen fast and hard. It is likely spending its last weekend in the top ten and has a cumulative total of $33.9 million. Finally, our tenth place finisher is Academy Award nominee There Will Be Blood. The film continues to ride its multiple nominations for a few bucks, and it earned $4.073 million, down about 12% from its last frame. Given that many consider the film inaccessible to mainstream audiences, a running total of $26.8 million is quite impressive.


Box office for the top ten earned an estimated $91.4 million. This total represents a virtual tie with 2007's $91.8 million. It is, however, a 10% decline from last weekend's Hannah-inflated $101.9 million. Next week will see a number of solid releases vying for audience attention, including the action flick Jumper, the female-targeted Definitely, Maybe, the kids' book adaptation The Spiderwick Chronicles and unnecessary sequel and mySpace phenomenon Step Up 2 the Streets.

Top Weekend Box Office for 2/8/08-2/10/08 (Actuals)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Actual Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Fool's Gold Warner Bros. $22,010,000 $21,589,295 New $21,589,295
2 Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Universal $17,126,725 $16,207,730 New $16,207,730
3 Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour Walt Disney Pictures $10,508,000 $10,295,922 - 66.9% $53,177,568
4 The Eye Lionsgate $6,630,000 $6,528,301 - 47.5% $21,418,982
5 Juno Fox Searchlight $5,725,000 $5,601,149 - 20.1% $117,506,107
6 27 Dresses 20th Century Fox $5,700,000 $5,409,671 - 36.6% $65,078,461
7 The Bucket List Warner Bros. $5,340,000 $5,277,433 - 21.5% $74,995,446
8 Rambo Lionsgate $4,110,000 $4,482,012 - 37.1% $36,876,490
9 Meet the Spartans 20th Century Fox $4,075,000 $4,110,561 - 44.0% $33,950,850
10 There Will Be Blood Paramount Vantage $4,073,080 $3,978,322 - 14.5% $26,687,605
11 Untraceable Sony/Screen Gems $3,500,000 $3,475,325 - 31.5% $24,320,956
12 Cloverfield Paramount Pictures $2,650,000 $2,756,462 - 43.1% $76,040,905
  Also Opening/Notables
  Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show Picturehouse $507,277 $464,170 New $464,170
  In Bruges Focus Features $471,200 $457,227 New $457,227
  The Band's Visit Sony Pictures Classics $70,580 $67,492 New $67,492
  The Hottie & the Nottie Regent Releasing $26,000 $27,696 New $27,696
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Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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