Survivor: China

Going For the Oscar

By Jim Van Nest

December 7, 2007

His angelic good looks and apparent virginity couldn't keep him around.

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We get to Tribal Council and the first thing I notice is that James doesn't look quite so understanding, like his final words last week suggested. Jeff asks Amanda if she felt like she knew Denise better after seeing her with her husband. She says that she saw that Denise has a great life and great family. Denise could be a little worried that seeing her life people may be less likely to vote for her as she's got a good thing going. He moves on to PG and mentions that it's been her or Erik for several TCs now. He asks if it's like that again. PG, speaking to Jeff but really speaking to Denise says that the person that's fourth in the order might want to switch sides at this point. He goes back to Denise and asks her if the up in the air vote scares her. She says that she always feels like she's in the middle and she just hopes that she can trust certain people. We move to Todd and the question is whether or not he trusts anyone there. He says that he does. That he has to since he doesn't have the necklace. Erik, have you done everything you can to stay in the game? He says that he has and that right now it's four and two, but it could be three and three and possibly give someone a better shot at winning. And with that, it's time to vote.

The votes we see are Todd voting for Erik and Erik voting for Todd. We then hear Denise's comment that she hates to do it and it will probably be the biggest mistake she's made in this game. Uh oh, did she doe the unthinkable and turn on her alliance? I just don't think so. Let's go tally the votes. First vote: Todd's vote for Erik. Next vote: Erik's vote for Todd. Next up is a Todd and an Erik. Fifth vote is Erik and it's Denise time. Eleventh person voted out of Survivor: China is Erik. And Todd breathes a HUGE sigh of relief.


Next time on Survivor: Amanda targets Todd and everything gets turned upside down. As Courtney says in the promo, "An angry Todd is a bad Todd." Apparently Todd gets the target on his back and we'll just have to see if he can survive it. And as PG talks about wanting to see Todd go, I wonder how she'll feel when she learns that Amanda is and has been running the show for several days now. No matter what, Survivor Week promises to bring the fireworks. Until next Thursday, take care.

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