Survivor: China

Going For the Oscar

By Jim Van Nest

December 7, 2007

His angelic good looks and apparent virginity couldn't keep him around.

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He explains to the group what happened. They confirm that the sister is doing just fine. Courtney gets to pair up with her Dad. Or Peter Fonda, I'm not sure which. Finally, Denise is paired up with her husband. Jeff gets the family members up to speed on the challenge. Courtney's dad looks a little freaked out about that. The winning team will win a boat ride a meal and a cell phone with a call from the rest of their loved ones at home.

And Todd and Erik are in the center already. Denise is also there. It's actually weird how fast they've gotten there. PG is a mile away with her dad. Courtney's in the middle but her dad's not very close. Denise is helping her husband get there and he's the first one in. As they join hands and climb the steps, Denise and her husband Robert win reward. Denise gets to choose two Survivors and their family member to come with her. First off, she chooses Todd. Next up is Amanda. PG looks to be shooting arrows out of her eyeballs at Denise. I'm guessing she felt she deserved a return of the favor for the Temple reward. As the other three bid a tearful farewell, Jeff tells them that after the reward, the loved ones will get to spend the night at camp.


We come back from break to the reward winners. They get to a table with ribs, pizza and everything imaginable. And can someone please tell me why Amanda's ass is blurred? As they dig into some chocolate cake, Denise's phone rings. Her daughter is on the phone. While this is a very touching moment, there's really nothing to write about.

Back at camp, PG is going off on Denise for not taking her on the reward. And right after that Erik mentions that he doesn't believe Todd's miscarriage story. He feels really bad if it's true. Courtney goes on to say that maybe his sister won't be too thrilled to have the whole world know she had a teen pregnancy and a miscarriage. She goes on to say that he was going for the Oscar with his performance and even mentioned Jonny Fairplay. She says that the dead grandma can be forgiven because it was at least funny. The boat returns to camp and as the three at camp see the family members returning, they're not sure how to react. Everyone comes back with chocolate on their hands to share. PG let's us know that she is not feeling like being social after not being picked. As everyone goes for a swim, it must run in the family, because Amanda's sister's ass is blurred. As they talk, Todd confirms to us that the miscarriage is true. Denise fills her husband in on the alliance and just hopes that Todd and Amanda take her to the final three. Todd and Amanda are telling their sisters how they're running the show and will likely take Courtney to the final three over Denise as Denise will have a sob story to tell, whereas Courtney has pissed off as many people as they have on the jury.

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