Survivor: China

Ride the Work Horse Til the Tail Falls Off

By Jim Van Nest

October 14, 2007

*This* is a knife!

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The group comes to Tribal and Jeff starts with Sherea. He asks how the dynamic changed without Dave. She says they continued on just as normal and they got to relax a little. He asks Frosti if that's a credit to Dave and he says definitely. Erik tells us that he likes Dave and it frustrates him to see people not following Dave's leadership. Dave claims he never wanted to be a leader but he had more experience and yadda, yadda, yadda. I swear the dude is a broken record. The only thing that changes is the person that he's berating. Jeff asks Sherea if everyone is pulling their weight. She says that she is stepping it up and trying to do more. She says that they need to save energy for challenges, though. Dave says that saving for challenges is a short term goal and they need to work around camp to stay fed. Um...Dave, Survivor is a 39 day game at best. At the absolute most, you're three days from another Tribal Council and another vote. It's a short term gave, dumbass. You have to have short term goals. While I understand the food and working around camp and all that...if you keep losing challenges, you keep losing people. And you could have the frickin Taj Mahal as your camp, but if you perform like Dave does at a challenge, you're destined to be living in your Taj Mahal alone. Ask Stephenie and Bobby Jon how well the working hard at camp and sucking at a challenge works for you. Jeff asks PG which is more important and she refuses to choose one. She says you have to have a balance. Sherea chimes in that PG loves camp life. She loves it out there, while Sherea lives for the challenges. They're what keep her going from day to day. And with that, it's time to vote. We're not shown any words from the voters, but we see that Sherea and Dave vote for each other. While Jeff's tallying the votes, let me say that keeping Dave is gonna be a huge mistake. I can tell that Sherea is toast and it will be yet another boneheaded decision from a tribe that's loaded with them. First vote: Dave. Um...uh oh. That's not Sherea's handwriting. That's little tiny writing...I'm pretty sure it's Erik's writing. We could have an upset brewing here. Second vote: Dave's vote for Sherea. Third vote: Dave. Fourth person voted out of Survivor: China...Dave. WOO HOO!!!! I love to see a tribe make the tough but correct decision. Dave had to go. He really should have gone instead of Ashley, but he absolutely HAD to go this time. The tribe can live without him work ethic. They can also live without his berating attitude and condescending tone. Further, they can definitely live without his constant failures in challenges.


Next time on Survivor: a little romance seems to be brewing between Jamie and Erik and they end that portion with Erik saying, "I'm a virgin." Can't wait to see how Jamie reacts to that. Also, a big twist turns the game on its head. James says, "Oh, the humanity." *sniff* *sniff* Smells like a tribal shakeup to me. And I was so hoping they wouldn't go that route this season, but they apparently are. Oh well, it always does shake things up a bit and could really make things interesting if Jamie and Todd decide to team up on the immunity idol thing. Well, thanks for joining me again this week and I look forward to next...'til then, take care!

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