Survivor: China

Ride the Work Horse Til the Tail Falls Off

By Jim Van Nest

October 14, 2007

*This* is a knife!

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We come back from break to the Fei Long tribe as they await their fishing family. The talk is about how good the food is gonna taste. Dave is thrilled to be there and getting a meal. Dave is treating this kidnapping thing as a mission to set up alliances for down the road. As he reads the clue to hand out to someone, he tried to figure out who the best person to give the clue is. He's treating this as a strategic move. As Dave gets excited about Courtney being from New York, Todd tells us how annoying he is, but he plans to be as nice as possible. Apparently it works, because Dave decides to give him the clue to the hidden idol. Todd agrees that if Zhan Hu kidnaps him, he will give the clue to Dave. As Todd reads the clues, the third item is a complete mystery to me. I have no idea what the hell it means. Todd does seem to be looking in the right place, but I don't think he realizes that he's looking at the idol.

Back at a much looser Zhan Hu tribe, everyone is basking in the silence. Sherea tells us she's thrilled to have Dave gone. After resting a while, the tribe gets up to do the daily stuff. Sherea, though, decides not to do anything. And just when you think Dave's a goner, Sherea steps up to give everyone a reason to dump her instead. I mean, for real, all you have to do is get up off your ass and do something...ANYthing. Frosti gets the fire started and I'm pretty sure he'[s the first person to start a fire that's not Dave. Sherea tells us that she is saving energy for challenges and that she plans to not do very much around camp for as long as she can get away with it.

Back at Fei Long, the local family arrives. They have with them a boat with several birds (pelicans of some sort) tied to it. It's a family of five, including two little kids. Denise tells us how happy she is to have them there. They bring fish, vegetables, oils and spices. And out of frickin' no where, Jean-Robert starts speaking Mandarin to these people. Um...where the hell did that come from?? He basically serves as a translator for this entire mission. Aaron and Denise join the folks on the water for some fishing. As the people tie small strings around the necks of the birds, we realize that the birds will go into the water, get the fish, but they won't be able to swallow, so they spit them out and they have fish. Amazing! As the woman explains how to clean the fish and what they need done, James gets a little offended at JR for "ordering me". While JR could get off his butt and do something, he instead is just translating and James takes a bit of offense to it. He does admit, though, that JR was awesome with these people and a huge help.

Back out on the lake, Aaron and Denise are learning how to use the net they already had. Denise is real happy to have a method for getting fish. As they cook up the food, she tells us that flavor has never tasted so good. She says that a lunch lady is not an expert on food. They take the nuggets out of the package, put them in the oven and there's nothing good about that. Amanda is just excited to have experienced the whole day and is happy to know they'll be eating better than the other tribe.


We come back from break to a Probst sighting!!! The tribes come into what appears to be a battle field and Dave is sent back to Zhan Hu. Today's challenge will have teams of two in traditional Chinese armor. They will throw meteor hammers at a series of vases behind the other team. The players will serves as throwers and blockers. The team to break the most vases after three rounds will win immunity. JR sits out for Fei Long. First round is PG and Sherea against Courtney and Denise. Each round will consist of three throws per team. And real quickly, before I get into it, the meteor hammers are a variation of what you'll see people throw in the Olympic Hammer Throw. The difference between these is there isn't a handle on the one end of the hammer; instead there are a couple balls on both ends. They look to be pretty formidable weapons for those who know how to throw them. Each team is also equipped with a bamboo staff to aid in blocking the hammers thrown by the other tribe. Okay, Survivors ready?

Denise takes the first shot and misses way over the top. PG tosses and isn't even close. Sherea and Courtney both toss and miss. Denise fires the third shot and PG blocks it. Sherea takes the last shot and connects to give Zhan Hu a 1-0 lead. Second round is Frosti and Dave against James and Todd. Dave fires first and to no one's surprise, he misses. Frosti also throws and misses. James and Todd throw at the same time and both connect. Frosti throws the final shot and misses. James takes the final shot for Fei Long and connects to give Fei Long a seemingly insurmountable 3-1 lead heading into the final round. And that round is Jamie and Erik against Amanda and Aaron. Amanda shoots first and Jamie blocks it. Aaron shoots and Erik blocks it. Jamie takes her shot and ties it up by knocking off two in one shot. 3-3. Erik shoots and misses and Amanda fires and connects for a 4-3 lead for Fei Long with Jamie having one shot left. She launches and Aaron gets just enough of it to deflect it to the ground, giving Fei Long immunity.

And now it's time to play...well, there's no for sure vote here, so we have no game to play. Sherea and Dave seem to be the most likely options, but Courtney was a guaranteed goner last week too, right? We join Zhan Hu as they arrive from the challenge. As PG and Jamie get ready to cook food, Dave naturally has an issue with the water they're using. PG is completely annoyed with his complaining. She just wants to cook and eat and Dave wants to critique the way they're doing it. He tells us that he feels very uncomfortable with what's going on at camp. He goes to PG and Erik to ask what their plans are and Erik tells him that he's torn on many things. Dave tries to convince him that he's changing and getting better. Jamie tells us that Sherea doesn't do anything around camp, but Dave is hard to live with. As the other four take a dip, Frosti reminds everyone that they don't really need Dave anymore around camp. PG is annoyed by Sherea's lack of doing anything and her excuse of "saving it for the challenges." Sherea talks to Frosti and Jamie and tells them that her plan is to kick butt in the challenge, because she thinks that's the important part. Erik tells us that if it were up to him, he'd like to get rid of both of them.

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