Weekend Wrap-Up

Box Office Takes Another Beating as Heartbreak Kid Flops

By John Hamann

October 7, 2007

Ben Stiller shows that he has little understanding of how the box office behaved this weekend.

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Finishing third is last weekend's runner up The Kingdom, with Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner. After getting off to an only okay start last weekend ($17.1 million opening), The Kingdom found no hold this weekend, as the action flick settled for $9.3 million from 2,802 venues. It was off a crippling 45%. This Universal effort should have been bigger, and with this drop, the $80 million Michael Mann-produced, Peter Berg-directed flick is going to finish below $60 million. Its current total is $31.4 million.

Fourth spot, only due to a lack of quality films in the top ten, goes to Resident Evil: Extinction. The former number one film grossed an estimated $4.3 million, and follows last weekend's 66% plunge with a drop of 46%. Extinction should finish with a similar total of that of the second film in the series, Apocalypse, which ended its run with $50 million. Currently, the Milla Jovovich zombie hunt has earned $43.5 million.

Finishing down in fifth place is Fox and Walden Media's The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. The live action kid's fantasy got embarrassed this weekend, earning only $3.7 million from a way too high venue count of 3,141 venues. It had a laughable average of $1,186. Walden and Fox forgot to market their product - and why they released it to such a ridiculous amount of venues is a complete mystery to me. It would have cost much more to make all those prints than this one earned in opening weekend. The Seeker had all sorts of problems heading into release - the writer of the original material, Susan Cooper, wasn't happy with the changes to the book, the title was changed weeks before the release date, and advanced screenings were cancelled. Then reviews started to come in, which was the death knell for this effort. From the 53 critics polled at RottenTomatoes, The Seeker received a rotten rating of 17%, which piled on the doom. While probably made on the cheap, the first Fox Walden picture is officially a disaster.

Somehow still managing to finish sixth is Good Luck Chuck, the comedy with Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. Down two spots from last weekend, Chuck earned $3.5 million this weekend, off 44% from last weekend. So far, Chuck has swindled $29.1 million.

Seventh spot goes to Feel the Noise, a film I didn't even realize was being released this weekend. Out to only 1,015 venues, Feel the Noise earned $3.4 million and had a venue average of $3,350. It will be long gone by next weekend.


The slow weekend gives 3:10 to Yuma another weekend in the top ten, as Russell Crowe and Christian Bale roped in another $3.0 million. Yuma was off 28% from last weekend, and has now earned $4.9 million.

Jodie Foster's The Brave One also finds another week in the top ten courtesy of a weak outing from openers the past two weeks. The Brave One earned $2.3 million, off another 39% from its previous frame. The cumulative total for the revenge flick is $2.3 million.

Tenth spot goes to Mr. Woodcock, the Billy Bob Thornton comedy. The New Line film was able to cross the $20 million mark this weekend (woo!) with a gross of $2.2 million. It was off 31% and has now earned $22.3 million.

Overall, the top 12 films disappointed in a very large way. Last year, The Departed got off to a great start with $26.9 million, and torture-porn spectacular The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning debuted with $18.5 million, leading the top 12 at the box office to $100.9 million. This year, the top 12 could only muster $65.7 million, a staggering 35% drop from the same weekend last year.

Top Weekend Box Office for 10/5/07-10/7/07 (Actuals)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Actual Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 The Game Plan Walt Disney Pictures $16,262,000 $16,609,377 - 27.6% $43,158,823
2 The Heartbreak Kid DreamWorks $14,031,000 $14,022,105 New $14,022,105
3 The Kingdom Universal $9,344,670 $9,722,940 - 43.3% $31,746,270
4 Resident Evil: Extinction Sony/Screen Gems $4,300,000 $4,521,301 - 43.7% $43,695,477
5 The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising $3,725,000 $3,745,315 New $3,745,315
6 Good Luck Chuck Lionsgate $3,500,000 $3,657,516 - 41.4% $29,255,442
7 3:10 to Yuma Lionsgate $3,040,000 $3,215,469 - 23.6% $48,728,753
8 Feel the Noise Sony BMG $3,400,000 $3,187,153 New $3,187,153
9 Mr. Woodcock New Line Cinema $2,025,000 $2,331,445 - 20.9% $22,613,590
10 The Brave One Warner Bros. $2,260,000 $2,321,359 - 37.6% $34,380,387
11 Eastern Promises Focus Features $1,967,394 $2,079,579 - 29.2% $14,455,384
12 Across the Universe Sony/Revolution Studios $1,850,000 $1,945,219 - 3.5% $8,078,951
  Also Opening/Notables
  Michael Clayton Warner Bros. $704,000 $719,910 New $719,910
  Blade Runner: The Final Cut Warner Bros. $95,000 $89,150 New $89,150
  My Kid Could Paint That Sony Pictures Classics $28,285 $26,290 New $26,290
  The Good Night Yari Film Group $12,708 $12,377 New $12,377
  Finishing the Game IFC Films N/A $11,903 New $11,903
  Kurt Cobain About a Son Balcony Releasing N/A $10,749 New $15,184
  For the Bible Tells Me So First Run Features N/A $9,438 New $18,236
  Weirdsville Magnolia N/A $2,862 New $2,862
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Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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