Weekend Wrap-Up for July 20-22, 2007

Chuck, Larry, Harry and Hairspray Vie for Number One

By John Hamann

July 22, 2007

Frankie Avalon Version 2.007.

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Fifth spot this weekend goes to Ratatouille, which not only faced off against a Potter movie this weekend, it also had to work against a Potter book. The Pixar rat earned $11 million this weekend, and was off 39%. So far, Ratatouille has seen two drops of 38%, and now a similar drop of 39%. Currently, Ratatouille has earned $165.6 million, and is going to have to push hard to reach $200 million.

Sixth spot this weekend goes to Live Free or Die Hard, the latest in the successful Bruce Willis franchise. In its fourth weekend, Die Hard 4 earned $7.3 million, and was off 33%. The action movie now has a domestic total of $116.5 million, but has earned more than that overseas. With a production budget of $110 million, this is a solid entry for Fox, and could mean more Die Hards are on the way.

The awful License to Wed finishes seventh this weekend, and is not leaving the top ten fast enough. The Robin Williams over-effort earned $3.8 million this weekend and was off 50%. So far, the Warner Bros. effort has earned $38.9 million.

In eighth, we have 1408, which is another great film in the top ten this weekend. 1408 earned $2.6 million in its fifth weekend, and was off 48% compared to the previous frame. 1408 has turned into a huge success for the Weinsteins and MGM, as this project cost $25 million to make, and has so far earned $67.5 million domestically.


Universal's Evan Almighty finishes in ninth spot this weekend, and the flop of the summer struggles to reach $100 million, despite costing $200 million to make. Evan Almighty earned $2.5 million and was off 51%. So far, the Steve Carell flick has earned $93.5 million, which isn't good enough.

Rounding out the top ten is Knocked Up, one of the darlings of the summer season so far. Now in its eighth weekend, Knocked UP earned $2.3 million. It's not the weekend total that shines for this Universal product from Judd Apatow, it's the overall gross. So far, this $30 million project with virtually no stars has earned $142.7 million.

Overall, the box office stacked up quite well against last year's totals. With Hairspray, Harry Potter and Chuck and Larry leading the charge, the top 12 pulled in $147.7 million. Last year, with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest on top, the top 12 earned $142.7 million, giving this year a lift over last year. Next weekend, it's all about The Simpsons Movie, as TV's favorite family makes the leap to the big screen.

Top Box Office for 7/20/7-7/22/7 (Estimates)
Number of
Change from
Last Week
1 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry 3495 $34,775,250 New $34,775,250
2 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 4285 $32,185,000 - 58.4% $207,541,000
3 Hairspray 3121 $27,800,000 New $27,800,000
4 Transformers 3762 $20,506,000 - 43.0% $262,969,000
5 Ratatouille 3402 $11,000,000 - 39.0% $165,628,000
6 Live Free or Die Hard 2727 $7,300,000 - 32.9% $116,466,228
7 License to Wed 2525 $3,760,000 - 49.5% $38,678,000
8 1408 1451 $2,600,000 - 48.1% $67,500,819
9 Evan Almighty 1779 $2,455,020 - 50.6% $93,469,145
10 Knocked Up 1288 $2,318,400 - 36.7% $142,724,645
11 Sicko 1117 $1,900,000 - 28.3% $19,140,000
12 Ocean's Thirteen 750 $1,100,000 - 42.4% $114,600,000
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations

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