Weekend Wrap-Up for July 13-15, 2007

Potter’s Phoenix Lifts Box Office

By John Hamann

July 15, 2007

All these kids are richer than you.

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Sixth goes to something we hardly ever see, a horror film with legs, this time in the incarnation of John Cusack's 1408. Now in its fourth weekend, 1408 earned $5 million this weekend, and was off a small-for-horror 29.8%. 1408 has now earned an extremely decent $62.2 million against a production budget of $35 million. Alternatively, the latest adventure in torture porn, Captivity, failed to crack the top ten this weekend.

Finishing seventh is the sinking ark that is Evan Almighty, which is weighted down by that $200 million budget. Evan Almighty earned $5 million this weekend, and was off 38.7% compared to last weekend. Will it make half of its production budget back? With a total so far of $87.9 million, it's certainly going to be close.

Eighth goes to the good comedy in the top ten, Knocked Up, from Universal. Now in its seventh weekend in the top ten, Knocked Up earned $3.7 million. The Judd Apatow comedy hasn't seen a drop higher than 40% and avoids it again this weekend, with a 29% drop compared to last weekend. Knocked Up should finish with about $150 million, which will make it one of the highest-grossing films to never reach the number one spot in the top ten. The current total for Knocked Up has reached $138.1 million.


Holding on to ninth spot this weekend is Michael Moore's Sicko, the documentary about the healthcare system. Sicko earned $2.7 million this weekend from 756 venues, giving it an average of $3,505. It was off 27.4% compared to last weekend, despite the addition of about 50 venues. Sicko looks like it will finish with about $23 million, which will put it in-between the finishes of Bowling for Columbine ($21.6 million) and An Inconvenient Truth ($24.1 million). Currently, the doc has earned $15.9 million.

Spending its last weekend in the top ten is Ocean's Thirteen. The George Clooney flick has run out of steam, but has had a good time over the last six weekends. Ocean's Thirteen grossed $1.9 million this weekend, but brings its total up to $112.4 million.

Overall this weekend, things are very good. The top 12, thanks to Harry, Ron and Hermione, finished with an estimated $171.1 million. Last year, when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was leading the box office, the top ten took in about $150.1 million, leaving 2007 way ahead. Next weekend will continue to be quite interesting. Opening is Hairspray, which so far is getting excellent reviews, along with I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, the latest Adam Sandler flick, and I'll let you guess at how reviews are coming along for that one.

Top Box Office for 7/13/7-7/15/7 (Estimates)
Number of
Change from
Last Week
1 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 4285 $77,410,000 New $140,017,000
2 Transformers 4050 $36,000,000 - 46.7% $222,990,000
3 Ratatouille 3625 $18,019,000 - 37.9% $143,004,000
4 Live Free or Die Hard 3201 $10,875,000 - 37.5% $102,918,445
5 License to Wed 2715 $7,440,000 - 28.5% $30,508,000
6 1408 2206 $5,010,000 - 29.8% $62,202,706
7 Evan Almighty 2702 $4,971,680 - 38.7% $87,867,130
8 Knocked Up 1715 $3,662,950 - 29.0% $138,193,720
9 Sicko 756 $2,650,000 - 27.4% $15,880,000
10 Ocean's Thirteen 1244 $1,910,000 - 45.8% $112,432,000
11 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 1312 $1,585,000 - 61.8% $127,144,118
12 Captivity 1050 $1,549,800 New $1,549,800
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations

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