Daily Box Office Analysis for July 9, 2007

By David Mumpower

July 10, 2007

I've got the touch. I've got the power. Oh wait, that's Rodimus Prime.

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The other titles of interest on Monday are Ratatouille and Live Free Or Die Hard. The Pixar title fell from $10,856,360 on Sunday to $4,068,900 on Monday. This is a decline of 62.5%, which is significantly higher than the 44.5% decline it had with the same two data points last week. The obvious logical inference here would be that holiday inflation was a factor in last Monday's exceptional hold-over. Let's take a look at Live Free Or Die Hard and see if that premise is sound. The Bruce Willis starrer earned $5,391,783 on Sunday then dropped to $2,179,298 on Monday. These numbers represent depreciation of 59.6% this week. Last week's Sunday-to-Monday decline was 57.8%, so Live Free Or Die Hard has basically stayed the same in terms of week-to-week behavior. This makes the stiffer decline of Ratatouille somewhat troubling. So, it is a situation we will need to monitor in coming days.

The overall top ten this week has combined box office of $21,941,647, a decline of 23.8% from last Monday's impressive total of $28,789,748. If we take Transformers out of the equation (and we probably should due to the artificial weekly increase) and exclude License to Wed, which was not out yet, the other eight films that were in the top ten each week fell from $19,202,230 to $10,600,730. That's an average decline of 44.8%. So, the Ratatouille drop becomes less troubling. It is perfectly in line with the rest of the returning titles on a Monday-to-Monday basis. If anything, the movie is simply guilty of having a sensational Sunday, which is never a bad thing. The movie's 3.08 internal multiplier this past weekend is even better than last weekend's 2.86.


Tomorrow's box office won't be any different from today's, but then the fun begins on Wednesday. The arrival of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will create another mid-week spike in daily numbers. The movie probably will not match Transformers' holiday-inflated total of $29.1 million on its first Wednesday, but with Potter Mania at a fever pitch, anything is possible.

Daily Box Office for Monday, July 9, 2007
Rank Film Distributor Daily Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Transformers DreamWorks $9,927,640 + 12.8% $165,333,052
2 Ratatouille Walt Disney Pictures $4,068,900 - 46.1% $113,600,498
3 Live Free or Die Hard Twentieth Century Fox $2,179,298 - 49.0% $86,603,421
4 License to Wed Warner Bros. $1,413,277 New $19,251,353
5 Evan Almighty Universal $1,193,885 - 45.3% $79,900,670
6 1408 Dimension Films $1,031,045 - 34.1% $54,769,370
7 Knocked Up Universal $697,095 - 33.8% $132,786,520
8 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Twentieth Century Fox $546,472 - 53.5% $124,428,058
9 Sicko Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company $453,374 - 29.9% $11,905,934
10 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Walt Disney Pictures $430,661 - 42.7% $302,156,352
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations

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