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Weekend Wrap-Up For June 6/22 - 2/24, 2007

Evan Not So Almighty at Weekend Box Office

By John Hamann

June 24, 2007

The cast of Evan Almighty looks up in awe at the box office performance of Bruce Almighty.

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Dropping to seventh is Surf's Up, Sony Animation's crack at solving the kid flick puzzle, something they have had little luck with in their brief history. Surf's Up earned $6.7 million in its third weekend, and dropped a better 28% compared to last weekend, when it fell 48%. So far, the animated penguin surfing movie has earned $47.3 million, and will be lucky to reach $70 million.

Eighth spot goes to Shrek the Third, as the DreamWorks ogre was able to cross the $300 mark during the last week. Shrek earned $5.8 million in its fifth weekend, dropping 36%. The total now for Shrek the Third sits at $307.9 million, and it should finish with about $325 million.

Nancy Drew moves into the number nine spot this weekend and has a good hold, but can't overcome a poor performance when it debuted last weekend. Nancy Drew, from Warner Bros., earned $4.5 million in her second frame, and dropped only 34%. Too bad that it's too little, too late, as this one sits with $16.2 million.


Finally in tenth we have A Mighty Heart, the Angelina Jolie film about the late Daniel Pearl and his wife, Mariane. Audiences weren't inclined to see such serious content on a summer weekend, and A Mighty Heart had to settle for a debut weekend of $4 million, albeit from only 1,355 venues. It had a theatre average of $2,956. From Paramount Vantage, this one cost only $16 million to make, but will have a tough time earning that back domestically.

Overall this weekend, things were pretty much on par with last year. The top 12 this weekend earned $125.4 million, which is down 3% from last year's top 12 of $129.9 million, when Adam Sandler's Click was the number one film. That's a month straight where the box office has fallen behind 2006 totals. Next weekend should be interesting, as Live Free or Die Hard debuts along with Pixar's Ratatouille and Michael Moore's Sicko. Talk about something for everybody.

Top Box Office for 6/22/07-6/24/07 (Actuals)
Number of
Change from
Last Week
1 Evan Almighty 3604 $31,192,615 New $31,192,615
2 1408 2678 $20,617,667 New $20,617,667
3 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 3963 $20,009,476 - 65.5% $97,463,035
4 Ocean's Thirteen 3450 $11,411,268 - 42.1% $91,079,577
5 Knocked Up 2975 $10,977,595 - 22.0% $109,323,845
6 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 2802 $7,202,086 - 42.0% $287,001,716
7 Surf's Up 3309 $6,580,743 - 28.9% $47,193,723
8 Shrek the Third 2822 $5,652,585 - 37.2% $307,807,439
9 Nancy Drew 2612 $4,379,447 - 35.9% $16,067,041
10 A Mighty Heart 1355 $3,948,863 New $3,948,863
11 Mr. Brooks 1290 $1,624,261 - 44.0% $26,677,320
12 Spider-Man 3 1031 $1,237,774 - 50.6% $332,486,258
Also Opening
You Kill Me 37 $239,000 New $239,000
Sicko 1 $70,000 New $70,000
Broken English 7 $53,000 New $53,000
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations

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