Weekend Wrap-Up

Knocked Up Scores Against Blockbusters

By John Hamann

June 3, 2007

Movie stars, or guys you would have a restraining order against? You be the judge.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. Despite hardly any new releases since it opened a month ago, Spider-Man 3, the biggest opener of all time, slips to fifth with a less than $10 million performance this weekend. The Sam Raimi extravaganza earned $7.5 million this weekend, and despite playing with much smaller numbers, still dropped 48% from the previous frame. One definitely gets the sense that Spider-Man 3 is getting few repeat viewers, something that used to have to happen to push a film over $300 million. It didn't need it here, as the gross currently sits at $318.3 million, but the mind boggles about how much this one would have earned had it been a better movie. Look for Spidey 3 to finish with about $340 million.

The hangers on start at sixth place, as Waitress is the first of four films to gross $2 million or less, but still make the top ten. Waitress, the straightforward drama starring Keri Russell, earned $2 million from 605 venues. That equals a drop of 34% despite Fox Searchlight adding almost 100 venues. Simply put, Waitress got Knocked Up by Universal this weekend, and won't earn much more than its current total of $9.5 million.

Finishing seventh is new release Gracie, a film I wouldn't know was opening unless I wrote this column. Gracie, a film about a young woman playing soccer, earned a mere $1.4 million from 1,164 venues this weekend. It had an average of $1,160. From Picturehouse, this movie could be out of the top ten as early as next weekend.


Lionsgate's Bug finishes eighth and has been squished. Bug, now in its second weekend, earned $1.2 million from 1,661 venues. It was ignored last weekend, and with a drop of 62%, was equally ignored this weekend. So far, Bug has earned a tiny $6.1 million.

Ninth and tenth is a virtual tie between two thrillers, 28 Weeks Later from Fox Atomic, and Disturbia from Paramount and DreamWorks. 28 Weeks Later earned $1.2 million, and Disturbia earned $1.1 million. Their totals are now $26.6 million and $76.7 million respectively.

Overall, the box office performed admirably, right on par with last year when The Break Up surprised with a $39 million opening. Last year, the top 12 earned $129.2 million, as X-Men: The Last Stand dropped a sensational 67% in its second frame. This year, with the blockbusters floundering, the top 12 earned $124.7 million, down 3% from 2006.

Top 12 for Weekend of June 1-3, 2007
of Sites
Percentage Drop from Last Week
Gross ($)
Gross ($)
1 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 4,362 -62% 43.2 million 216.5 million
2 Knocked Up 2,871 New 29.3 million 29.3 million
3 Shrek the Third 4,109 -50% 26.7 million 254.6 million
4 Mr. Brooks 2,453 New 10.0 million 10.0 million
5 Spider-Man 3 3,402 -48% 7.5 million 318.3 million
6 Waitress 605 -34% 2.0 million 9.5 million
7 Gracie 1,164 New 1.4 million 1.4 million
8 Bug 1,661 -62% 1.2 million 6.1 million
9 28 Weeks Later 1,121 -53% 1.2 million 26.6 million
10 Disturbia 1,035 -42% 1.1 million 76.7 million
11 Georgia Rule 608 -69% 0.6 million 18.1 million
12 Fracture 608 -61% 0.5 million 38.1 million
Also opening:
Daywatch 5 New 46.3 thousand 46.3 thousand
Rise: Blood Hunter 24 New 25.5 thousand 25.5 thousand
Crazy Love 3 New 17.9 thousand 17.9 thousand
Source: Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.

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