Survivor: Fiji

I Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal

By Jim Van Nest

May 13, 2007

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The final round will be an axe throwing competition. There are three rigs of ropes set up. The first person to cut both ropes wins the challenge, wins the truck and gets to send someone to Exile Island. On the first try, Boo hits while Yau and Stacy miss. Second round, Yau hits while the others miss. On the third try, Stacy finally hits the board, but misses the rope and Yau Man connects to win the truck. And he barely has time to celebrate before he decides to try to make a deal. He asks Dreamz how bad he needs a car. Yau offers him the truck in exchange for immunity at the final four, should they both be there and Dreamz wins immunity. Dreamz accepts in an instant. Jeff clarifies things and a deal is struck. The only thing left is for Yau to send someone to Exile Island. In another Survivor first, he sends himself. A very savvy move indeed. I'm much more impressed with this move than the whole giving away a truck thing. Amazingly enough, no one seems to get it, yet it's as obvious as it can be: Yau wants another immunity idol. To get that idol, he needs the clues. To get the clues, he has to go to Exile Island. Pretty solid strategy, if you ask me.

Now, the truck. This can be seen as either brilliant or really stupid. On one hand, if the planets align, he'll have immunity at the final four round. He probably had a new ally in Dreamz, although his allegiance has an attention span of, um, well...a gerbil. Also on that hand, you have something that may be factoring into his decision as much as anything else. The curse. In 13 seasons, no one who's won the car challenge has gone on to win the game. Perhaps he's thinking that if he gives the car away, maybe he'll break that curse. On the other hand, he just gave away a big frickin' truck. And if he gets voted off next, he goes home with virtually nothing. Throw in the fact that's just made the target on his back even bigger. I think this is one of those moves that we won't be able to know the full scope of it until the game is over. If he goes home in a little more than half an hour, it was a bone-headed move. If he goes on to win and uses Dreamz's immunity to get there, then it was genius. Well, enough about that, let's move on.

We come back from break to join Yau on Exile Island. He begins explaining his reward choices to us. He tells us that Earl has been there too much and he doesn't think Cassandra can handle it. He goes on to tell us that the truck was the biggest gift he's ever given and that he was very happy to be able to give Dreamz a truck. He does admit that it was a strategic move. He says that he's been looking for a way to get rid of Dreamz and that having immunity at the Final Four would be a nice step toward that goal. He then heads up to the tower to get his clues. With three clues, he feels very confident that he will find the idol. And quickly he tells us he needs to share the clue with Earl and that hopefully one of the two of them will find it.


We then join Boo, Stacy and Dreamz on the reward. Dreamz is very excited to have the truck, but he's almost as excited to see the kids. You can tell that being poor and homeless really gives him a connection with these kids. While they're not homeless, they definitely are seriously lacking in school supplies and athletic equipment. The kids are absolutely thrilled and the teachers are very happy to have the new office and supplies. Dreamz tells us that getting that truck was his step up and that dropping off these supplies is the step up for all these kids. You can tell he's really touched. Not so touched that he isn't thinking about the game. He tells us that when he thought about it, what did Yau Man gain in that deal? If he gives immunity to Yau at the final four, he's gone. So, in typical Dreamz fashion, he gets back to thinking about himself and decides that he needs to boot Yau before the final four. I mean, WOW. That had to be record time. Dude just gave you a truck and within hours, you're already planning his demise? WOW! I honestly don't know what to say about that.

We come back to camp and Dreamz and Cassandra are talking about Earl looking for the idol and about Yau Man's strategic power play. Dreamz tells us that if he gets to the final four and wins, he will hand over his immunity. He will live up to his word. But, he'll still plan to boot Yau before the Final Four. Cassandra tells us that it is tempting to dump Yau, but that Boo is a very strong player and because of that, he's a threat to their alliance.

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