The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 10

We're Trying to Make Love, Not War

By Reagen Sulewski

April 30, 2007

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About this time, Oswald & Danny have reached the jockey club, after spending their last dollar on tolls. They've won the leg, and are also in possession of the winning gnome, which gives them a trip back to Hong Kong.

Kandice is rather quick to find her clue in the police station, which gives them one more task to do. They need to go to Victoria Park and pull a small model junk across a pond, which carries a Travelocity gnome, without it tipping over. Although it's slow going, Dustin is quite good at this and they get their last clue of the day, sending them to the Pit Stop at the Jockey Club.

Charla gets the nod for her team for the Roadblock, which seems crazy until you realize that Mirna probably couldn't kick over a tower of plastic cups. Charla's having trouble finding a clue, leading the possibility that Eric & Danielle might catch up, especially after they make short work of the Detour. Second place is definitely lost to them, with Dustin & Kandice coming in to claim it. Finally, Charla finds a clue, and they're on the way to Victoria Park.


After making Danielle take a bunch of hard physical Roadblocks, Eric finally mans up and takes this one, finding a clue after not too long a search. There's no way that Charla could have taken the clue that Eric finds, though, seeing as it was above a door, so who knows if Charla actually was in that room or not.

Charla & Mirna are caught in a traffic jam, which initially looks like it might help Eric & Danielle, but of course, this means that they'll be caught in it as well, since they're going to the same spot. Charla handles the junk towing duty, getting it across without spilling it, and they're on the way to the Jockey Club. Eric does the same for his team, and it's now a race to see who can get least lost. Eric decides not to hire a taxi, much to the consternation of Danielle, who gets an excellent "told you so" moment when they go in a circle.

Charla & Mirna hold on to enough of their lead to come in for third, leading to the big question of whether Eric & Danielle get to stay in the race or not. Luckily for their sake, it's a non-elimination leg, and they're still in, to go at each other's throats for one more week, although they now have that half-hour penalty on their heads.

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