The Amazing Race All-Stars Episode 10

We're Trying to Make Love, Not War

By Reagen Sulewski

April 30, 2007

Product placement! clap-clap clap-clap-clap!

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Over at the Fast Forward, Oswald & Danny are getting strapped into their padding and buckled into the stunt van, which then proceeds to rip around the tarmac of the old runway. Oswald could not look more scared, and then the van is sent into a slide on its side. The producers attempt to make out like that they might actually be injured, but of course they're safe. They now get to head to the Pit Stop, at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and they're told to bring along the little Product Placement Gnome that's sitting with their clue.

Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna have changed their minds on the Detour yet again, allowing Dustin & Kandice to build a sizeable lead in this portion of the leg. Yield karma, meet Stupid Karma. Reaching the Kung Fu wall, Dustin & Kandice gear up and prepare to climb, as Chow Yun-Fat and Zhang Ziyi battle for the Green Destiny above them. Dodging the fighters proves to not be that hard, and they eventually make it up the 11 stories of the building. They're then told to take the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island and find the old police headquarters.

About this time Eric & Danielle's plane has landed, with Danielle vowing that there will be no more Miss Nice Bimbo, seeing as how that's gotten them screwed so far. It's hard to argue with that logic, but one wonders if they'll even get the opportunity to act on it.


Charla & Mirna have now reached the kung-fu Detour, with Mirna using her ever popular "you can't do this" method of motivation for Charla. Why she doesn't punch her in the face is beyond me. Mirna's hamming for the camera reaches new ridiculous heights, both literally and figuratively, with her at one point "waving" to Hong Kong and professing her love for it. Of course, there's no one there and she's just looking out onto a parking lot, but let's not anger her,okay? A woman this self-absorbed and deluded could be dangerous. In a post-race interview, Mirna says that Charla is on the race to break down people's expectations of her, which apparently includes her own team member.

As Dustin & Kandice disembark from the ferry to Hong Kong Island, it appears that Charla & Mirna are just boarding their ferry – however, they find out that their taxi driver actually took them all the way to Hong Kong Island, and they're headed back to the mainland. Karma laughs and laughs and laughs at you two. They're forced to take the ferry all the way across and back, shedding valuable time to Eric & Danielle, who are closing in on the kung fu Detour.

Dustin & Kandice have now reached the old police station and are confronted by the Roadblock. It's another fun one, where they'll have to kick down stunt doors to find a clue in one of the rooms of the station. Kandice gets the call for her team, and proceeds with gusto.

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